Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Freedom to Murder

I woke up with the news that 17 people died in 2 trash can explosions in İstanbul. Actually the first explosion was a fake, it was a sonic bomb. And when curious people came close to the blast site, a real explosion occured, killing 17 and injuring more than 150 people. The blast was so strong, it even killed a 12 year old girl who was looking at the site from the balcony.

What I did first was to check that ass sucking channels, just to see if they are low enough to accuse the imaginary “Ergenekon” gang and use the corpses of the innocents to serve the filthy games of their bosses. But apparently even they are disturbed by this manslaughter in the middle of İstanbul. According to the news, it is assumed to be PKK who put the bomb.

Oh wait how can it be PKK, weren’t they all the way in Iraq, trying to sneak in and wreak havoc in the south-east? This is why I wasn’t even remotely excited when our army made operations to the Northern Iraq to the lairs of the terrorists. Because PKK is inside Turkey too, they’re in metropolitans, İstanbul, Ankara, İzmir, they are the motherfuckers who walk around in dog-herds with guns in their pockets, mugging people when they can, gibbering “we love apo”, making PKK advertisement whenever they get the smallest chance, labor day, women’s day, nuclear energy protest day, apo’s birthday. Only a few days ago there was another meeting of DTP, the political party of PKK. First of all, let’s make one thing clear. Of course nobody can say this but let me say it instead of the politicians who earn 12031239716 dollars/month; DTP is NOT the party of Kurds unlike they claim themselves to be. Want proof? I wrote it before but I’ll write it again, ever since DTP came inside the parliament all they’re doing is trying to get apo out of jail or at least in a better place. Who’s apo? He’s the head of PKK and the same bastard who gave the direct order “Kill everyone in the east villages whoever doesn’t vote for our party including their animals”. Who live in the eastern villages? Kurds! Who are the civilians PKK kills the most? Again eastern peasants who are all Kurds. So I don’t care if some Kurds say DTP represent their race, they’re just wrong, plain and simple. Just like many religious people claim that AKP represent the religious citizens, or nationalist people claim MHP represent the nationalists, even when we seculars claim that CHP represent the secular Kemalists. These are all wrong. You can easily be a Kurdish nationalist religious secular Kemalist, which considerable amount of Kurds are. So who are they gonna vote for?

This is exactly why I wasn’t happy as a citizen with the Iraq operations. Because everyone knows many of the PKK supporters and terrorists and even leaders are inside Turkish cities. DTP makes a meeting with PKK flags all over held by people who hide their face. PKK lovers gather in groups babbling slongans for apo in 1st of May, and to all of these, the police starts an “investigation”. Which never concludes. Well you know what? FUCK YOU! You keep saying the labor’s day (May 1st) was celebrated without an unpleasant event, because police never even did anything to PKK’s bastards crying outlout in the street. You say the DTP meeting was made without an unpleasant event because you just sat back and watched while the motherfuckers opened flags of PKK and cried slogans for apo. When we ask to make a Youtube video shoot in the campus of my university with our crappy digicam the security says we have to get a written permission from the Dean. And a month later I pass by a crowd in the same campus who are making PRESS CONFERENCE against nuclear plants, putting on red yellow green colored flags (colors of PKK’s flag), with Kurdish text on it, with 2-3 professional cameras shooting as they make the conference, after that giving Kurdish concerts with a professional sound system placed on the grass of the campus. And when I ask the audience in police uniforms, the captain says “They have the right to make press conference without asking for permission”.

Can you simply imagine Al-Qaida making a political party in USA and making meetings with extremists waving flags of the organization and shouting “Al Qaida is representing the Muslims! We should support Al-Qaida in the name of Islam!”. U.S. Army would simply bomb the shit out of the building in wherever they’re making the meeting, without caring who says what (I assume). The only reason those Turkish citizens are dead in the explosion, and more people died before in the bombings, and more people are GOING TO die in more bombings, is the pussyness of the government, who see the terrorists with bombs in their hands but can’t arrest them until they detonate the bombs. Because you know, what would European Union say then? They would call us... indemocrate, unfree, non-human righty. Because the government only cares about how to get more money out of the national treasures, and how to sell more banks, factories, mines to foreigners for cheaper. If you are unaware of yourself and don’t know what to do about the terror in the cities, I will give you the elementary. Shoot anyone who cries out “I’m a member of PKK!” or carries the banners of PKK or cartoons of apo. The target is so fucking easy for you you fucking idiots! Nobody is doing anything secretly. Even the DTP members are telling with every chance they get how much they love apo. SHOOT THE MOTHERFUCKERS! KILL THEM! Each terrorist you don’t kill is going to come back and bomb your neighborhood. I can’t imagine living in a country where people cry outloud they’re terrorists and you can’t do anything to them until you catch them doing terror. FUCK!

Have a nice day...

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Anonymous said...

Terrorist attacks, terrorizing of citizens, death threats, and other forms of terrorism and pressure are also exerted in relation with the fascist AKP and the Islamic extremist movement it is a part of, yet very few mainstream publications highlight these and make the proper connections with the aforementioned mouvement and ruling party in Turkey. In stark contrast with this void of critical, honest articles, the Islamist propaganda is being published freely in the Turkish mainstream media. (represented as a legitimate "side" in the society, which usually calls for the so-called "other side", the seculars, to accept the former)


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