Monday, June 25, 2012

Why Turkey Eventually WILL Enter Syria

People out of Turkey are probably desperately trying to understand what’s going on in here. There are many things you don’t and CAN’T know unless you’ve been living here for a long time. Bottom line, Turkey will eventually find enough excuses to enter Syria. How do I know this? It’s actually elementary. I know where our current prime minister is coming from. I know that he confessed that he was made the chairman of the great middle eastern project, where the middle eastern countries will fall under the control of USA, all the countries will have governments who are actually USA’s men, and many borders will change including the east of Turkey becoming a part of Kurdistan. And according to this plan, Syria must also be invaded. I’m guessing USA failed to overthrow the Syrian government by a civil revolution, so now they’re going to simply “enter” it. For the last few years, every good Turkish military officer has been captured and imprisoned, including the ex-chief of defense. Their alleged crime is making a secret organisation to try to overthrow the government. Maybe you are also wondering how can there be so many journalists in the prison, yet the AKP ministers claim they have none. Because they are all labeled as “secret terrorists plotting to overthrow the government” as well. Also many opposing politicians. Even though according to law some are supposed to be released by the fact that they have immunity. All of them are still waiting for their trial. They’ve been in prison for 3-4 years. Now that all this “potentially dangerous” people are out of the picture, the government can manouver the army however it wants.

Another reason I know for sure Turkey will attack, is that I follow some of the celebrities who suck the balls of the government, singers, directors, actors, etc. Because from what they’re sharing from twitter, you can see the real intention of the government. One of those celebrities recently started calling for war. In every tweet of his, he’s saying we are Ottomans and we can conquer Syria, whoever is against this war is a coward and an elitist. And he keeps saying “people who say they are against terror, why are they being coward against Syria’s terror” And again, so many ignorant people are supporting this bullshit. Those AKP fanatics. They’re not just blindly voting for the same party like a team fanatic, but also supporting whatever the government is saying. They don’t even understand what’s going on, or what war is. They never asked “when Israel shot down a Turkish ship of an Islamist organization, was Turkey able to do anything about it?” Of course they couldn’t. After sometime, Israel finished searching the ship, and sent it back to Turkey, AND THE TURKISH MEDIA SAID THIS IS AN ACCOMPLISHEMENT OF THE GOVERNMENT. And people believed. Again. They actually think that Israel was going to keep the ship for itself but got scared and gave the ship back.

Some people are too good. I’m not one of them. I believe in natural selection, and elimination of the individuals to have a better population of the species. If a society attacks everyone who ever helped and is trying to help them, and embraces the ones who are taking them to their doom, they deserve everything what’s coming to them.

It already started in the media that Syria is also helping the terrorist organisation PKK. And of course the classic; “the Syrian government are from a different sect of Islam, thus they’re not actually Muslims”. Nobody will ever raise his head and ask: “hey wait a fucking second. Christians and Jews never fight with each other, why the fuck are we fighting over the stupidest thing?” No they won’t ask. They will keep on fighting and destroying themselves. I’d say the western countries are trying to dominate the middle east so that they would bring a little civilization to them. But everywhere they capture, every government they overthrow, they bring the most hardcore Sharia law. Before they financed and supported Khoumeyni in France to make an Islamist revolution in Iran, Iran used to be as modern as a westerner country. Right now USA harbors and supports Fethullah Gülen on his mission to overthrow the Turkish govenment and bring an Islamist regime in Turkey instead of the secular one. So next time you watch the news about the Islam danger coming from the middle-east, remember it was the western countries in the first place who pumped the zone with Islam to keep it as primitive as possible...

Sunday, May 06, 2012

Being Born in Turkey With a Brain

Is hard. I have been spending over a year, trying to find ways to immigrate to a country where I can be a “person”. I went back and read all my angry blogs which I wrote before I gave up on writing blogs. Now I’m going to delete them because I don’t want any other excuse for cops to raid my house and seize my harddisks, going to courts in line with actual criminals. I’m admitting that we lost, and now there’s no point of talking, because for any one person who can understand what I write, there are hundreds who have no clue, no chance. All I care now is the people like me. Me and them, we can see very clearly what’s going to happen with Turkey, we can see that it can’t be changed. That’s why the only sensible thing to do right now is to find ways to evacuate.

So here’s a summary of the latest events happening in Turkey, to make you understand the situation better. It’s funny how many of them connect to the news I already wrote about.
·           Hundreds of evolutionists and atheists have been sued, some for writing entries in a forum site, some for writing comments, some even for joining a Facebook group. I myself have cops raided my house and my harddisks taken away as “evidence for crime” because of my video debunking a creationist and outing his lies about “evolutionism is an evil religion, 9/11 terrorists were Darwinists, American soldiers invading Iraq are Darwinists, etc”. See, in Turkey there’s this crime called “insulting”, which can be stretched out to anything. You think your country is screwed up, because corrupt politicians/media bosses can say any crap they like? Now think about this. Imagine one of your most hated corrupt celebrities. Imagine yourself making a video outing his lies and calling him a liar for what he is, not even swearing or something. And this celebrity has so much free time and money because he doesnt have to go to work like we do, his people find you and sue you. Then cops raiding your house and taking your harddisks for evidence (I know, you may wanna ask “what evidence, you already confessed that it’s you in the video”. But it doesnt matter, they take the harddisks by force anyway for no good reason). It’s far from over, then it takes a whole year of stress to find out what the verdict is. And even though you made a good defence about how you were right to make that video defending the evolutionists, it doesnt matter you still get sentenced to pay money. Still not over, the celebrity’s men write in forum sites that you got sentences for JAILTIME, and you deserve much more, and you should be sued for every video you made. And right after the lawsuit finalises, you get sued again for something you made three years ago. This is only a very small portion what me and hundreds of young people are going through. Such an incident can never happen in your country, am I wrong? Because if it did, that celebrity would be #1 most hated troll in the country. The press would write what a troll he is, instead of writing “he’s fighting against the religion insulters”. And of course, everyone would say, “why are they so desperately trying to shut up atheists and evolutionists?” This is the problem. We just can’t tell anyone who’d understand. They just can’t compute, that you can’t go around suing anyone for insulting religion if you’re talking about democracy. They just can’t compute any of these. The huge majority of people are simply sheep, unable to use their own brains. And this is not going to change, it’s not going to get better. Looking at the rate of reproduction, it’s going to get worse. We are only waiting for our turn to go inside. What’s our crime? Being born in Turkey, that’s what.
·           Tens of army officers, opposing politicians and journalists have been in jail waiting for a verdict FOR THREE YEARS now (the crime being trying to make a secret terrorist organistaion to overthrow the government). This is a part of the future which we clearly see. The great middle east project. Splitting of Turkey in two, and the republic becoming an Islamic sharia government. Maybe you already realised, that USA and other western countries are feeding middle east with Islam. They’re bringing sharia law to any country they get their men inside, because it’s the surest way to 1) keep the people under control, 2) to make sure those countries stay primitive, 3) to make sure those countries look “evil” enough, so the American army would have every right to bring “democracy” to anyone it likes. Living in Turkey for 30 years, and spending my last 10 years trying to wake people up, only to be assaulted and insulted on the web, the AKP supporters cheering for their party like a sports team, thinking we are the bad people for not supporting their party, I can say, they deserve whatever is coming for them. So my only goal is to get people like me out of here.
·           2 very important world class artists, one pianist (Fazıl Say) and one cartoonist (Bahadır Baruter) is being ruthlessly attacked on the web by hundreds of sick-perverted minded people only because they did the mistake of coming out as atheists, and saying there is no Allah, and the religion is a lie. And of course they too are facing jail-time for “insulting people’s religious emotions”. There you go. Stuff like that is impossible to happen in wherever you live probably, but in here it does, because nobody raises his head and says “Wait a minute. If Allah IS real and the one and only god, why does he need an attorney?” You and I, we both know that if you are confident that your god is real, you wouldn’t do such insecure stuff like trying to shut up people who oppose your idea.
·           The “lighthouse” charity which I keep writing about, which got sentenced in Germany for stealing 46 million Euros from people in Turkey and Germany who thought they were donating money to poor people, do you remember it? So are you ready to get a dose of what Turkish law system is? 1) The lawsuit didn’t finalise in Turkey because the attorneys who started the case got taken away, and now they are being sued for “abusing their job position” They even had to make a defense on why they sued the “lighthouse” 2) That’s not it. The “lighthouse” didn’t even cease to work, and they are still collecting donations. And people are giving! Seriously? I saw one man being interviewed on TV about this scandal. He simply replied “I don’t care if it was scam, I donated to help the poor, so I got my good merits from god anyway”
·           One of the biggest massacres in Turkish history was in 1993, a whole city of Islamist people torching a whole hotel, burning 33 people alive. The lawyers who were defending the murderers later became AKP parliamenters. And guess what, the case simply got closed this year, because it had reached its expiration date. So where are the murderers, are they out of Turkey? No, one of them was found in the very city of the massacre, after dying of heart-attack.
·           Again, that 74 year old Islamist writer who molested a 14 year old child. Do you remember him? Do you wonder what happened to his case? He got a mentally insane report and was released. Funny thing is, that “insane” man had been the head writer of an Islamist newspaper for years.
·           The government said they’re going to give milk to school kids everyday for them to be more healthy. The truth is, they just wanna buy the unsold milk of an Islamist company, using the tax-payers’ money. And of course, in the end, around 600 students got poisoned and hospitalised. And as always, the AKP members made statements like “oh it’s not poisoning, it’s being allergetic. There’s no such thing as being poisoned from milk. Some are just drinking milk for the first time, that’s why. We ARE going to keep giving this milk to you and you will drink it” Are you surprised? The guys are simply too confident. ANYTHING they say, the people are going to buy it. And they are right.

This is just a very very small dose of what we’re living through everyday. But even from these topics, you can come to the conclusion that “IF YOU ARE ONE OF THEM, YOU CAN DO WHATEVER YOU WANT AND GET AWAY WITH IT” Seriously, what do you wanna try? Child rape? Check. Burning people alive? Check. Stealing millions? Check. Poisoning kids for money? Check. But, none of these is the problem. The problem is the people. It’s the people who are simply going to keep on voting for them. So tell us, what is there to do?

Friday, December 02, 2011

People Who Don't Like the Prime Minister Are "FAGGOTS"

OK you probably saw this title and thought "Efe is swearing again as he always does, but isn't it too shallow even for his standards". Indeed it is. And remembering I'm against the government and the prime minister, I would probably go to court and be sentenced if I said something like "People who DO like the prime minister are faggots".

BUT, justice isn't the same for everyone. It's pretty much the same as everywhere else I guess; everybody is equal, but some are more equal. You probably already know that I had hard time with court because I was accused of insulting someone which I actually didn't. I'm hoping to be found innocent for my "crime", but who knows, this is Turkey, and it's an atheist against a hodja.

Anyways, despite the fact that you keep seeing on foreign news that "Turkey is such a free country. everyone has the right to have free speech, free thoughts" and shit like that. But what I live everyday is, rich and powerful people suing the shit out of people who talk against them for "insult", even what they say is completely true and there is no swear or actual insult in the speech. And if you're a journalist, if you are a strong opposer against the government, strong enough to make a threat, you turn out to be a secret terrorist. You get thrown to jail WITHOUT RUNNING A TRIAL. Did you know that? I bet you didn't. Here's how it works, military officers, journalists, opposing party members, and pretty much any kind of people who are strong opposers against the government (investigating their stuff and things like that), you get thrown to jail because you turn out to be a member of an imaginary terrorist organisation who are trying to overthrow the government. This terrorist organisation is apparently so stupid because they are actively opposing the government while trying to secretly overthrow it. And it is the only terrorist organisation in the world who has the title "terrorist organisation" in its name. Apparently they call themselves "Ergenekon Terrorist Organisaton" Isn't it really honest? The only terrorist organiston who call themselves terrorist. And of course this terrorist organisation should have commited some crimes, or else why would it be called a terrorist organisation right? Apparently, they commited every murder which was unsolved, according to tens of newspapers which are controlled by the government. Also, many terrorist attacks which was done by the terrorist organisation called PKK, was actually Ergenekon, who was imitating PKK. Anyways, you get thrown to jail, you can't go to court because they keep saying there is more evidence coming and it's just taking so much time to get the evidence together. People just recently started going to trials, and it's recently became 1000 days of being in prison with terrible conditions with still no result. The conditions are so terrible that 2-3 people actually DIED inside because of illness. Considering the fact that the leader of the ACTUAL terrorist organisation PKK is living in a 5 star hotel room like prison (they actually spent millions of dollars making a prison just for him) this just sucks. Of course AKP ministers can say nobody goes to jail by being a reporter. Because they mysteriously turn out to be terrorists and go to jail for being a terrorist.

So who's the guy who calls people like us "faggots"? He's a news reporter in a newspaper controlled by the government. And why he calls us that, is that TIME magazine made a poll asking "should the prime minister be elected as the man of the year?". And right now 60 percent is saying "No". Why AKP gets so much votes in the elections, but can't beat the opposers in a poll, is, this is not a joke it's what I actually think it is, because the rest of AKP's voters don't know how to use the internet. Not an insult, I just think this is how it is. So the guy says, that since it's the prime minister of Turkey, every Turk should vote for him. And people who vote "No" are "traitors" and "faggots". Well he's just a newspaper writer and it should be easy to sue him right? I'm not sure. I'm not sure if anyone will bother to sue, or if they will win. I don't know if it's considered as free speech in your country. But like if someone would say to him "you're the faggot", the journalist could sue and probably win. From my experiences, I can say whoever can afford a lawyer is always right.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Turkish Cartoonist Will go to Trial for Saying There's No God

I know, it's been YEARS since I didn't post in this blog. But this is something foreigners MUST know.

Sometimes foreigner friends ask how Turkey is doing. I will give just a single example for showing the level of fucked-upness.

A Turkish cartoonist is going to court for writing in one of his cartoons "There's no Allah, and religion is a lie". He will be tried of "insulting beliefs" and if sentenced, will be in jail for one year. There's a good chance he will survive the trial (cause we're not a Sheria country... yet) But it's already a big shame that he actually goes to court for "insulting beliefs". And people who hasn't gone to court yet, going to court itself is a shameful and stressful and miserable process. How do I know? Well guess how. Being a little famous, and an open Atheist (acutally agnostic, but it really doesn't matter) and making videos about evolution made me an easy target. I outed the lies of a creationist man, who wasn't too happy with it. So he sued me, and his excuse was "someone wrote an insult as a comment on a video which I uploaded, therefore I helped someone insult him" Police came to our house, took off all the hard drives in my computers and took it away. And this happened while I was preparing for a short film competition, editing a movie which was due to a few days later. My wife is Romanian, she doesn't know Turkish, and think about the shock she had when she witnessed such a thing. After the police was gone, she asked if I'm a terrorist of something. I will be going to interrogation in a few weeks, I'm hoping there won't be a trial necessary, cause you know, I didn't actually do anything.
So, this is how it is in Turkey right now. All I know is that if I stay here enough, I will most definitely end up in jail. So any of you got any ideas how me and my wife be refugees in another country? You know, anyone which doesn't run by Sheria law would do.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Q & A - Part 2

Hi there, we’ll be continuing with 2 more questions.

The other day in class we were talking about the relationship between Kurds and Turks, and I was curious as to whether or not you have ever had a Kurdish friend growing up? I know that you served in the Turkish military, but was wondering if you still had a negative opinion of Kurds before then? Physically, is it easy to determine who's Kurdish and who is Turkish? And if you were to meet someone, get along with them, and then found out that they were Kurdish, would you stop talking to them even though you had been getting along with them before you found out?

Sorry for so many questions haha. I really do appreciate reading your blogs and responses--thanks for doing it!

Oh, and Professor Wade wanted us to send a picture of ourselves so that you could see what we look like so I did that as well...I'm the one that isn't a dog hahah

-Liz Smith

Hi Liz, this is a very nice question, but it’s so huge I don’t know where to start talking about relations between Turks and Kurds. If you ask me, they are most similar to “Muslims in USA”. I don’t know what you were told but true Kemalism denies all racism. I had pretty bad experiences with some of the Kurds (who were also PKK supporters), because I swore at a bunch of them who I know have guns, because they said they love apo (the leader of PKK), and had guns and knives pulled at me and got my ass kicked in the middle of the street. I know, I need to control my temper more efficiently. The relation of Turks and Kurds have many levels. There is common hate or anger towards Kurds in a common Turk, and the reason is those bastards who walk in the streets in packs with guns, mug people, harrass people and throw petrol-bombs and stones at the police and the shops in the name of protesting some crappy made up special day. And if anything happens to them, some ten lawyers come out of nowhere to defend them to death. It is wrong to have this prejudice against Kurds but I still understand people who has. The solution is not to tell people “hey don’t have prejudice”, the solution is to clean the streets from this scum for good so that people would only see “normal Kurds” as Kurds. Seriously how fucked up, I mean messed up is it to hire lawyers to defend street scum in the name of “protecting Kurds”? I have told this for years, and I’m still telling it, it is not Turks who want to be enemies with Kurds, it is the people from outside who benefit out of this hate in every way. Did you know PKK earns money out of almost every drug deal in Europe? Did you know Denmark was denying to shut down PKK’s channel in the name of “free-speech” and PKK was able to give orders through that channel to the terrorists in Turkey? Did you know France harbors PKK members in cities such as Paris in the name of “protecting Kurds”, and they even have HQ’s which my friend saw with his eyes? If you don’t, you should, before you look at Paris as “the city of love” again. Or do I need to send photos of Kurdish babies who were shot in the belly by PKK? You know I will.

Did I have Kurdish friends. Yes, I did. Mostly in the military, even after that ass kicking incident. Even some who couldn’t read or write. We slept in the same dorm together with all of them, went to simple operations (like picking up people who were in a fight) with them. After we had 18 soldiers killed by PKK in an ambush, we talked on the phone with one of them and he said how sorry he is. And all of them had Kurdish as their primary language and had learned Turkish afterwards. Even one of my favorite commanders was Kurdish and I was constantly giving his 12-13 year old son lessons, English, math, Turkish, and in return, the commander was very good to me. Well he was good to many people, he was the favorite commander of many soldiers. Even though he would be angry from time to time and shout, soldiers still liked him because he was a down to earth man. Actually his son liked me so much he would make up excuses to come to the barracks to study with me, because you know, everyone loves a cool older brother. I was also giving read/write lessons to that Kurdish soldier who couldn’t read or write, and basic math lessons to another Kurdish soldier.

I saw one thing very clearly, like that guy who couldn’t read or write. He had spent his entire life on mountains, shepherding animals, and he was so naive that if someone would come and say “the Turks are torturing Kurds, you have to save yourself”, he would believe them and go to the mountain to become a terrorist in the name of protecting something he doesn’t even know, at least for sure before his military life. Actually this is mostly how Kurds become terrorists. They probably don’t even know apo himself is not Kurdish. So it is the fault of every government which came to power who couldn’t see and take care of the “danger”. This is why I do not support free speech. If those people who lied to Kurds into going to mountains were stopped and the Kurds in the east were taken care of, like building factories or similar stuff to make them have real jobs, this terror wouldn’t exist. Oh of course you don’t know PKK bombs schools and factories in the east too. Guess why, because they are freedom fighters? Or they don’t want eastern Kurds to have real lives so that they'll keep being attracted to terror? There are actually a million more things to say about this topic, you can find more stuff in my previous blogs. I don’t know what you think about free speech rights, but I say it is given to countries only if they deserve it. In Turkey, there are so many scumbags who got rich by intentionally lying to support the terrorists, or support the government even if he doesn’t believe in what he says, and earned money out of it. This is so pathetic.

So why I said Kurds in Turkey are somewhat like Muslims in USA is, probably none of you has any problems with someone being a Muslim. But when people go to streets yelling for Al-Qaida in the name of Islam, you’d start prejudice slowly towards Muslim people. And after so many rallies in the streets yelling all the time “hail Al-Qaida for Islam” and ‘intellectual’ newspaper writers start saying Al-Qaida is not a terrorist group, it’s just a group of freedom fighters who want to free Muslims because they are being tortured and descriminated, you’d start saying “dude what the f?” And when one day your president would say “I will now sit down and talk to Osama Bin Laden to ask what Muslims want, because we had been torturing Muslims and they were only attacking because of that”, and in the end he agrees that “Muslim populated states will change name, like California will become Shaddularab from now on”. What? California is not a Muslim-majority state? Do you want me to make it? I will do it in 10 years, don’t try me. Because I know exactly how to overpopulate a city with simplest human forms who know nothing but to breed.

And you would have hard time not to be a racist, because even right now I see so many Americans talking how they should bomb the middle east because Muslims are nothing but terrorists. I advise everyone to check from the internet the history of violence and massacres, you would be surprised who did incredibly violent massacres, and to who. And even though you would know there are many Muslims in America who are simply trying to make a living, the media wouldn’t show it to you. They would only show the Al-Qaida members, and say “in order to stop the blood spill, Obama & Osama should sit down and have an agreement” Oh wait of course, you guys aren’t fucking morons, you know very well that YOU CANNOT FUCKING STOP A FUCKING TERRORIST BY GIVING WHAT HE FUCKING WANTS. Because that’s his fucking job. And giving him something will make him successful in his job. Have you seen anyone quitting his job because he’s successful? Oh wait I forgot, sorry, Al-Qaida is a group of freedom fighters, of course, sorry, my mistake.

Are they phyically determinable? Not all of them, but the scumfucks, I mean, bad-men, who walk around the street in packs, in darker skin, broken Turkish, and somewhat ugly looks, especialy guys, I don’t know why, but it looks really ugly to me. But of course, many other Kurds aren’t determinable since there isn’t even a stereotypical look of a Turk either.

Hi Efe!

My name is Carlyn Trout and I am one of Professor Wade's American students. I have recently been reading a great deal about the Turkish television program showing the relations between the Israeli army and the Palestinian citizens living in the Occupied Territories. The Israeli government has very strong feelings of opposition towards this program, however, the Turkish government is denying its role in the airing of this program. How do you feel about it and what are your opinions about the Israeli Palestinian struggle?

Thank you so much for blogging the way you do! It is so interesting to see the world through the eyes of a non-American!


Hi Carlyn, I heard about the program but didn’t watch it. It is aired in the government’s channel. There is a good chance that it was made just to earn more support of religious people. I don’t even know if it’s accurate or not since I didn’t watch it, but if it is, then it’s a good thing to show the world the stuff Israeli did in Gaza, no matter what the intention of the channel is. If it’s exaggerated, then it’s a really hideous thing to try to earn rating out of a tragedy. I always say that to have a clear opinion about the struggle you should be living there. Right now we are told, along with some footage, that Israeli had randomly killed people in Gaza including many civilians. This is unacceptable no matter what their history is. You cannot say “they attacked my cilivians so I can attack theirs”. It doesn’t work that way. That would give many Arab countries the right to bomb USA civilians if the US Army had killed their people. When Turkish army goes into Iraq to make operations against PKK terrorists, they miss many of them in order to avoid accidentally hitting civilians. But still, they are being called invaders.

By the way, I keep wondering if this Turkish-Israeli struggle is for real. I mean, there are two possibilities,

1) Turkish and Israeli governments are aware of this made up fight, and pretending to be fighting so that Turkish government will have support from conservatives, so they will come to power once again, so they can reward Israeli again (like giving away a portion of land to Israeli for 50 years),

2) Israeli government doesn’t know what’s going on and they really think the Turkish government has a go at them, and they don’t know either that they will stop it right after the election. Man, they must be really confused...

So thanks for reading guys, I’ll keep on writing as long as you want me to.

Have a nice day (wait, I didn’t end with swearing, oh fuck it I won’t swear this time).

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Q & A

Hello Mr Wade’s students. This will roughly be a Q&A blog. And I will try not to swear this time since I’m addressing you guys and not some anonymous person who likes to read the F word. So let’s get down to questions.

Hi Efe,

My name is Leah and I'm a student in Professor Wade's Minority Report class. I was just writing because today in class we talked about the relationship between Turkey and Armenia, and specifically, discussed Hilary Clinton's new "historic accord" which has recently taken place. Since, as I understand, you currently live in Turkey, I was wondering how you felt about the Armenians and if you agree with Clinton's steps towards compromise. Aside from this question, I was also curious about how you or other Turks felt towards the United States. Since Turkey is located in such a prime location (literally stuck in between Europe and Asia), it would benefit America a great deal to be allies with Turkey. Nevertheless, although I know that the U.S. is trying to befriend your nation, I was not certain how well the Turks cared about Americans.”

Hi Leah, I think by “historic accord” you mean the aggreement signed between Turkey and Armenia. Well, as always the ass-sucking Turkish media showed this as a “huge step taken by Turkish government”. The secular Kemalists like myself have a problem with this. The reason Turkey first narrowed the relation with Armenia was its occupation of a region in Azerbaijan, and an actual massacre they committed in Khodjali. Armenia never backed off from Dağlık Karabağ (Nagorno-Karabakh), but the Turkish government did and signed an agreement to bring things back to normal. What is unacceptable is that Azerbaijan is the brother country of Turkey and the Turkish government is doing everything to earn its hate. And let’s talk using our logic and not our emotions, the answer doesn’t change. Azerbaijan has crazy natural resources and agriculture, where Armenia has nothing to give since it makes its living mainly by the support of Armenians from outside. So rejecting Azerbaijan and befriending Armenia has no logical explanation but “because the government was told to do so”. Recently there was a soccer match between Turkey and Armenia, maybe you don’t know but FIFA put a ban to enter the match with Azerbaijan flags. Turkey did nothing against it, and actually Turkish police itself made sure all the Azeri flags were taken from the Turkish fans and stacked on the floor in the street. And the cameras shot it which made the Azeris go furious. Let me tell you this, we had pretty bad governments, but nothing ever is gonna top this one, that is, if Turkey will have another government. Because the button has already been pressed, and the sequence to divide Turkey’s land has started. You guys have to understand one thing; there is a delibirate attempt to divide Turkish land, to weaken Turkey in the middle-east, and to start a western controlled official Kurdistan. We kept saying there’s no way they can take land from Turkey because we are strong, and we have a strong army, but the enemy never had the intention of fighting anyway. For years and years, we had been warned by our wisemen that the western countries are stupiding-down Turkish people in every way possible, mostly by helping religious cultists to infiltrate the education, politics, money, even the army. Right now I see so clearly, especially after I went to İstanbul, that many people in Turkey care about nothing but their soccer team, or some celebrity’s private life, or some stupid women show. Turkey is not going to be splitted by force, it is going to be split by the very hands of the government. And people are just too stupid to realise that. The government is sitting down with the terrorist organization in the name of “befriending Kurds”. The prime minister and the government’s primary purpose is to serve the western governments which helped them get the lead, which means helping with the division of Turkey. Right now, this is the biggest event going on in Turkey. The government has a target audience so stupid that they can do anything and tell something to justify it. That’s how he came down to “negotiating with baby bombing terrorists”, of course, right now he’s saying his intention is not to glorify the terrorists or to split the country, but to “make peace with Kurds” (read my previous blogs to understand why “negotiating with terrorists” is not equal to “befriending Kurds”). His next move is going to be (as he implies) to change the Kurd populated city names into Kurdish. Since it’s not your country, you may say “so what’s wrong with it?”. Well because I’m pretty sure his next step is going to be saying “Kurds want their own country, and we wanna make peace with them, so let them be seperated from us”. And the next step is going to be the supporting countries who splitted Turkey taking control of Kurdistan, probably even as it gets founded. And Kemalist & nationalist people who are against the government’s plans will again be called “racist”, or “Kurd hater”, or “Armenian hater”, or whatever the latest trend is. So, all this blood, these baby murders, this systematically dumbing down of people, all these decade-long plans are simply to own a country in the middle east. So you were looking for a definition for “evil”? You’re one of those naive kids who claim “there’s no actual good or evil, it all depends on the perspective”?. Well, I see some people have really fucked up perspectives.

Oh wait, the question. Yeah, ok. Maybe you read it before in my previous blogs, the people which support the conservative government almost always has a racist hate against Americans, you know, because of killing Iraqis and stuff, also against Israel and Jews. People like me, the secular Kemalists, well we judge the governments for their actions, not the whole people living in that country. I have many friends from USA & similar countries, but it doesn’t mean I support the US government. So your big question is, “why do the conservative people support a party which is obviously a puppet of USA and ally of Israel?”. The answer, they’re stupid. Well, the same reason why people believe in scientology, or extraterrestrial visitors; because they WANNA believe. They wanna believe that this miserable life of theirs is gonna turn into an eternal life in heaven’s honey and milk rivers, having orgies with virgin angels, and... pretty much that’s it (what else is there to offer to them actually?). They wanna believe that if they cover their hair and vote for the “religious party”, they will go to heaven. And when the elections come closer, the prime minister shows just enough hate towards Israel to make sure the believers are right. No, they’re not gonna ask “why did we rent a huge amount of land to Israel for 50 years?”, they’re not gonna ask “why didn’t we interfere with the Israeli attack on Gaza?”, they’re just gonna say, “wow, our PM really told off the Jew!”. So I hope it was a satisfying answer.

“Hello Efe,

I was wondering how woman are treated in Turkey? After reading about all of the cults and how the woman were treated awful I was wondering what your take on how woman are treated there. We have read two novels and the woman are treated in different ways in both...some are home bodies and do a lot of cooking, some are just wearing the Jab or the head scarf's, and others test the limits and wore clothes that was frowned upon. So that is why I was wondering if the woman got treated different in the part of Turkey where you are at!

Thank you,

Brittany Mailhotte :)

P.S. I have attached a picture of myself like Professor Wade asked us to!!!”

Hi Brittany, I can say my city is one of the best women-treating cities in Turkey. But still, if you are alone, and especially if you are a foreigner, some assholes are going to verbally harrass you, or even chase you, even in daytime, even in the crowd. This is because İzmir is a big city, and big cities always have these assholes. BUT, it is still a heaven compared to İstanbul.

Of course I understand what you mean by saying “how are women treated?”. It all depends on the education level of her family. On the highest level, like my family, women are no different than American women or European women, thanks to Atatürk. And as the education level gets lower, she becomes a housewife who manages the house & watches women programs, or even as low as the stereotypical Arabic woman (I don’t know how it acutally is in Arabian countries, I’m just talking about the stereotypes).

P.S. Nice picture.

Hey Efe,

I enjoyed watching your video clips they were very funny. One question that I have for you would be, what to do most people in your country think of the United States and the new President?

Have a nice day!

Casey McNeil”

Hi Casey, what Turkish people think about USA is answered I guess. What we think about the new president is, well it’s not like we had a choice. You know Obama got Armenian votes by uttering “genocide”, and republicans were on the Turkish side, so it means Obama chose the Armenians and McCain chose the Turks. I myself know very well that they’re all just politicians. I know many of you expect a lot from Obama, even more after his Nobel prize, but you’re going to be disappointed. How do I know this so clearly? Because he uttered “genocide” at first, and after he came to power he forgot about the genocide not to piss-off Turks, which shows he’s just another dirty politician. I hope time proves me wrong, and he can hardly be worse for USA than republicans anyway, but this is how I feel.


Professor Wade told us you were in Istanbul recently for a television appearance, I was wondering if you could tell us a little bit about your appearance. Did you enjoy your time in Istanbul, and is the culture in Istanbul different from where you live? I was also wondering if you have ever traveled to the United States, and if so how different life and culture are in Turkey. We have learned a lot about culture in Turkey though books Professor Wade has had us read, but I think you can learn more if you hear stories and experiences directly from someone who lives there.

Thank you for taking the time to read my email,


Hi Allison, the appearance was about my comedy videos which mostly make fun of the government and its suck-ups. The channel which called me doesn’t have a high rating, but it’s known for being one of the castles of secularism, nationlism and Kemalism. They loved my videos and wanted to invite me to their late night news program. They asked questions about my Youtube life and my videos. I also told them I write English blogs for people who wants to understand Turkey from a Turkish citizen’s point of view.

İstanbul was interesting as always, last time I was there was December 2007. But for someone who got used to İzmir, it is simply unlivable. The people are sooooo many, bus trips are never fun like it is in İzmir, the streets are very dirty because there are almost no trash cans on the streets (because someone might place a bomb in it I guess), and everything is more extreme than İzmir (not in a bad way, but in a different way), like in İzmir you’re most likely to see 2 girls walking with jeans, but in İstanbul you can see a girl with hijab & high boots walking with a girl who has a lot of make-up, or even a girl with a mini-skirt wearing hijab. High population isn’t a good thing, because if you ask me, the population of İstanbul is equal to the population of İzmir plus many many many unneeded people. Of course, there are many people who would never prefer İzmir to İstanbul, because it’s the heart of all activities, you can see many Turkish celebrities walking on the street, you can go to any concert of Turkish bands, and foreign bands almost always come to İstanbul, and of course you can go to matches of Galatasaray or Fenerbahçe or Beşiktaş. But for me, no thanks, I would prefer a quieter life with less stupid people, more green, and better traffic. By the way, İzmir is the only big city which is not owned by the conservative party. That’s why it’s called the castle of secularism. And it’s way higher on the education percentage than İstanbul. If you ever visit Turkey, just visiting İstanbul and not going to İzmir would be your biggest mistake, especially in summer where there are so many beaches, including the well known Çeşme beach.

I’ve never been to USA but I was out of Turkey twice. I had gone to Romania to meet my girlfriend. It was really strange, the people on the street had incredibly calm faces, not that aggressiveness in a Turk’s face, you know, always having to be alert in case someone tries to mug you or rip you off or hit you with his car or the government trying to find new ways to rob you. Other than that it was very similar, like Turkey with a different language. Oh

and I also discovered that non-Turks don’t have that ass cleaning tap (as seen in the photo) in your toilets. See, this is something you can’t learn from books.

Have a nice day...

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Dark Times

Hi potential readers, I think I will be writing a couple of more pages on my blog due to Mr Wade’s request who teaches 25 students who try to learn about what’s going on in Turkey. And I know very well that their most trustworthy source is a caffeine high, crazy curse machine. Besides more original bullshit is going on in Turkey besides the standard hypocrisy, thievery and bigotry, so finally I can write something different. So let’s get down to why I used the title “Dark Times”.
Well, have I told you before that Turkey is better than USA? I haven’t? Well I don’t see you sitting down and trying to reason with terrorists. Oh yes, that’s what our super-intelligent government is doing right now. I’m not playing around with words guys, the government is literally sitting down with the terrorist organisation PKK and asking what are their demands to end the terror. I know, it’s not something to laugh at, it’s the lowest point a country can ever sink. And of course in the foreign media this news is probably put as “Turkish government is negotiating with Kurdish fighters who want their freedom” which makes as much sense as US government would sit down with Al Qaida to “discuss Muslim rights”. You know what I fucking hate? I fucking hate the governments who don’t call a child killing, bus shooting, mall bombing terrorist organization “terrorist” if they get benefit out of it.
So let’s forget about all those soldiers and innocent civilians, women, children, babies who died because of PKK, does anyone think the government is going to get “anything” by trying to reason with the terrorists? All they will cause is the terrorists realising that they can actually get something by spilling blood. And they will not cease, they will ask for more. And they will keep on spilling blood. Why? BECAUSE IT’S A FUCKING TERRORIST ORGANISATION YOU FUCKING RETARD! And the biggest difference between a “freedom fighter group” and a “bloody terrorist organisation” is that the terrorist earns money out of blood. If PKK was to cease fire, its leaders would simply bankrupt. Seriously, what are they gonna do? Get a real job? Fuck no! They will turn to the terrorists and say “we can have more from this government so we should keep on fighting” Do you know what the fuck is going on in Turkey right now? There are tens of PKK supporters in the parliament who earn gargantuan amount of tax-payer money every month, some are direct relatives, spouses, brothers of active terrorists who are in the mountains shooting bullets as we speak. So yes, THE TAX PAYERS ARE SUPPORTING THE FUNDING OF A GROUP WHICH KILLS THEIR PEOPLE.
I have said and written so many times the real purpose of the current government. Nobody seemed to believe me and people like me back then, but now with every move they do, they seem to approve me. The real purpose of the government is, since they came to power by the money and support of the external forces (like USA), to give back to those countries what they owe. Since the day they came to power, the Turkish economy is getting hardcore fucked up, having its head inside the toilet and getting spanked hard on its buttcheek as it gets raped. Almost all the important establishments, lands, factories, companies are getting sold off to foreigners with hilariously low prices. And of course in return they get “gifts”, like a couple of hunderd thousand euros for their sons’ newly founded companies. So as a result, with each government property they sell, they make a couple of hunderd thousand euros and the country loses millions of dollars because of the sell-out. So nobody is afraid the country is gonna be like Iran or Malaysia (at least not yet). I’m afraid the country will become more like Ivory Islands, where the local people are slaves and workers and all the bosses and owners are foreigners.
So you might be wondering with which excuse the government is pulling this stupid stunt right now. Their excuse is “giving more rights to Kurds” and that’s probably what you read in the newspapers, and you might be wondering “what’s wrong with that?” Well, first of all, the 20% of Turkish population is Kurds, or so they say, and to represent this chunk, the government sits down with fucking terrorists. This is what’s wrong. And to clear things, Kurds have never been discriminated or ceased to speak their own language or suffered anything because of their race, even though many of them keep telling “I’m a foreigner” to imply that they don’t belong to the Turkish government. It is EXACTLY like Muslims rallying in USA and the government sitting down with Al Qaida to discuss the “Muslim rights”. And now it’s time to start imagining. Imagine Obama sitting down with Osama Bin Laden to ask his demands. And try to convert the following demands I’ll write which PKK’s leaders wanted, into Al Qaida and Muslims in USA.
Kurds having their own parliament, and prime minister, and ARMY.
The regime in Turkey totally changing to European style.
Turkey apologising for the pain they caused to Kurds.
Cities in the east changing to Kurdish names.
And many more bullshit like that. You know why this is going on? Because people in the east, have nothing better to do. This is the biggest reason. If they had actual jobs, if they had a place to go, if they had a life, they wouldn’t seek after stupid rights like “I want to change the name of the city” which doesn’t even make sense and has no use if they stopped and thought about it. Of course this is the politicians’ fault, but did you know PKK constantly keeps bombing the schools, dams and buildings like that in the east, kills the teachers, so that people won’t get educated, so they won’t have nothing better to do. And after all these, in some countries, in newpapers, in magazines like Marie Claire, PKK is still shown as “Kurdish Freedom Fighters”, and I’m pretty sure that these guys do it on purpose. I really wonder something, HOW FUCKED UP ARE YOU? How low can a person go, to LIE to people in order to support a CHILD MURDERING terrorist organisation? How low can you fucking go? You fuckers are the real scum of this world, no matter how much money you have, you are the lowest lifeforms this planet inhabits. And I’m so glad I wasn’t born in of those countries, or I would die of shame. Yes, I’m living in Turkey, yes I have to fight stupid assholes everyday, get robbed by the government, be suppressed by ignorant bigots, but still I’m glad I’m Turkish. Cause at least I have my pride. I can look at the mirror without throwing up or being ashamed the shit out of myself.
You know what should have been done? Everybody knows who the rich supporters and the brains of PKK are, they should have been found and stopped. It’s THAT simple. THAT SIMPLE YOU FUCKING MORONS. If it was in USA, every person who had a photo with a terrorist, made a phone-call to a terrorist, even knew a terrorist would be in jail. But in Turkey, we can’t even stop the motherfuckers who come to Turkey to ask the well being of the leader of PKK. That’s how fucked up it is.
Have a nice day...


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