Friday, July 25, 2008

The Button

Hello ghosts and invisible people. I’m sure you missed me. So let’s take a look at what’s up in Turkey.

First there was Adnan Menderes, then there was Turgut Özal, now there is Tayyip Erdoğan. These people are right wing leaders sent to Turkey and seized great power thanks to the financial and mental support of the USA governments, they’re actually attempts of USA to get Turkey under their control. At Adnan Menderes attempt, military made a coup and hung Menderes and many other people. At Turgut Özal attempt, he made his way up to being the president, but then mysteriously choked on his food and died. And this time Tayyip Erdoğan came and is following an evolved plan of his ancestor bloodsuckers.

First, as a new method he came to power using the religion card. Then he quickly inserted his men into critical positions, in the national TV channel, in education, in army, in the court, even in the soccer federation. Then his men bought almost every high rating TV channel and newspaper, so unlike other presidents/prime ministers in the world, he has multi-media power. Then although he’s dying for the freedom of his people to cover their hair, he banned Youtube since it’s an alternative to the fat belly TV and people can actually communicate without having to pass through his “appropriateness” filter. And then he pressed the button. He started arresting every secular Kemalist person accusing them of forming a terrorist organization. Since he has the suckup media in his hands, the newspapers started writing unbelievable bullshit about the arrests. Unbelievable because you were reading the testimonies in their paper even before the testimonies were made. And the accusations are soooo stupid u should pretend I’m shouting the word “soooo”. They are accused of having planned a coup against the current conservative right wing government, but they are also accused of planning a coup against the previous secular left wing government, and murdering our Kemalist writer Uğur Mumcu, and also being associate with PKK, but also the extreme Islamist terrorist group Ibda-C, and also bombing the secular “Cumhuriyet” newspaper. WHAT THE FUCK? Many people who were arrested were writers of Cumhuriyet, one of them is even the main writer and the editor of the newspaper!

How stupid do you think people are? Well, yeah they’re quite stupid. But definitely not THAT stupid. Of course as you can see the main pupose is to make the people of Turkey start hating the army because it seems like the army is the last thing in the way between Turkey and Bush’s lap. You, stupid, fucking, idiot. You deserve to be choked on your food as well because of your stupidity. You know why? Because you applied a plan which was prepared by Johnny, or George. What the CIA guys don’t know and you should have discovered by now is that YOU CANNOT MAKE A TURKISH CITIZEN HATE THE ARMY. You just can’t. Even the hijab people at your command, even the people who don’t like Atatürk. Because Turkey is the army and army is Turkey. Only the obvious traitors and terrorist lovers don’t like the army, and they’re already on your side anyway. And when the time comes where you will force people to choose between you and the army, well I’m not gonna tell, you should see for yourself. It’ll be a blast.


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