Friday, October 17, 2008

Now Do You Believe the Transsexual Singer?

Just as I was about to write about the current terrorist attacks and the competence of the army, I received a message from a Turk living in the USA saying there’s an article which is horribly misrepresenting Turkey and its issues on PKK. So I read the article. Well it’s obviously written by someone who sits in USA, reads USA newspapers, watches USA channels, and only interacts with the USA connected Turkish media. It’s true that the article is subjective, but most of what it says is true. And it’s actually not that horrible, at least they’re calling PKK “terrorists” on some occasions for a change. I guess they finally realized bombing children is called terrorism, not just bombing Americans.

So we can go parallel to that article, which you can read here.

The cries of incompetence grew louder when Taraf, a newspaper, published a leaked internal report showing that the army knew about the planned attack in Hakkari but did little to stop it. It did not help when the air-force chief was photographed playing golf a day later.

This is something we already knew from Turkish newspapers. Why I wanted to point this out is, this is one of the proofs that the transsexual singer was right when she said she wouldn’t send her children to army, cause they’re not raising kids to die in the mountains. They don’t die defending the country, they just die. And of course you see the families of the soldiers which are almost always poor people from villages, not wealthy, not educated, cannot possibly rise or sue against government, actually not even aware of the fact that their son died because of the incompetence of other people who don’t give a shit. They just think he did something really heroic instead of sitting in the barracks awaiting orders while the terrorists were launching rockets at them. I don’t care if anyone in TR reads this and I go to jail, but this is the truth. Also, the singer’s son would never go to battle in the mountains anyway, nor mine or any educated wealthy person’s. By the way, I don’t even like that singer personally, her transsexual card doesn’t work in this place, she definitely doesn’t need a dick cause she’s one herself, almost to everyone. So it’s not like I’m her ally or somth.

The general commander of the military’s only reaction to these news about the army knowing about the attack was to say they’re going to sue the people who leaked this information. So it means it IS true. The army really knew when the attack was going on. I didn’t believe the news 100% because the news was on the biggest asshole newspaper in Turkey, Taraf, which is full of Anti-Kemalists and payed-writers and the bullshit people you can find. No I didn’t write it incorrectly, the people themselves are bullshits. Of course now it makes sense, since the newspaper Taraf has connections with USA, they must have acquired the info from the US army.

And after this point, I really don’t know what the hell is going on. Why isn’t the army or the government doing the blindingly visible solutions to stop the terror? Why are they instead fighting against the people making news about the incompetence of them? Is this bullshit cycle never going to break? Terrorists attacking soldiers, soldiers dying, parents in a village crying, some generals congratulating them for their son is now a hero, the DTP member (a.k.a. the PKK member in the parliament) say they want the violence to stop, the lead party member shaking his hand, and another attack going on while this happens. You DON’T want solutions. You don’t want terror to end. You don’t want the army to lose its importance. You don’t want a common enemy to end existing. You don’t have the guts to disobey the orders of the USA or EU countries to be able to take a solid step against this terror. And you have no interest at all in the lives of the young boys who get killed in the mountains for your political games to succeed. Oh sorry I told the truth, I deserve to go to jail too?

Ominously, the Turkish Human Rights Foundation says that, this year alone, over 30 people have been killed in alleged police violence, mostly in the Kurdish region.

See? This is a typical American article where they have no problem splitting a country into regions according to their own pleasure. Turkish region, Kurdish region, and that’s all of course since the other minor ethnicities don’t have a problem living in Turkey. Of course anyone reading that article will give credit to PKK “fighters” rebelling against Turkey, because you know, 30 people got killed in alleged police violence. But if you’re a reader who uses his own brain, you’d definitely come to think “what the hell is an alleged police violence?” Let me tell you what it is. A street fills up with people carrying Apo and PKK banners, yelling and screaming for PKK, the police forms a barricade to stop them, and the crowd start throwing rocks and petrol bombs to the police, the police hit back with bayonets, people trample each other or die by the gas the police sent to stop them. This is “alleged police violence”. So maybe there can be a comment made to this article. How do I put it in official words? How about this? FUCK YOU IN THE ASS WITH THE ALLEGED POLICE VIOLENCE! Your cops are beating blacks in the streets with no reason, shooting at vehicles if they don’t stop on your order, your soldiers are murdering puppies, raping and killing women for fun. Fuck you in the ass with the alleged police violence. OK? You know what I would do if I were in charge? I would send the military where they make this gathering to support PKK and I’d order them to open fire at the motherfuckers. No questions, no warnings, just the blood they took from our people. Just the blood.

When I was in the military working as a military police, they would give us trainings on how to handle the crowd. And the first thing they’d tell would be this:

“The media is a son of a bitch. If you even touch an activist in the crowd they’ll expose you as a murderer. So whatever you do, do not lose your temper. Do not leave your post.” Now I see how right the commander was. The only purpose of those protests or gatherings is to provoke the police and get themselves beaten up. Because their lives have no value to the people who use them. The more they die, the better. Cause they will have more to bitch and whine about to the “modern” western countries.

And as I said before. Turkish region, Kurdish region, Turkish language, Kurdish language, Turkish culture, Kurdish culture. If you ask a common educated person living in the west, they will say there are Turks and Kurds in Turkey. There are tens of, TENS OF different cultures, regions and LANGUAGES, (Laz, Çerkez, Zaza, Roman, etc). But only Kurds are known and accepted by the foreigners as a different culture and ethnicity, because their so called representetives are the only ones who rebel and kill and terrorize. So I was right again, violence IS the answer as always.

I don’t want to go racist on this and I won’t. But I get pushed so hard sometimes. Turks violating Kurds? Seculars assaulting conservatives? These are the only things I see on the news, especially on the foreign news. How about the muggings, the rapes, the murders we see everyday from Kurds? You want to support the victim Kurds against the evil Turks right? So take your girlfriend and come to İstanbul and take a walk in the street, even in daytime, and make sure she wears a skirt to make things more interesting. Stay in İstanbul like this for a few days, then come to me and whine about the victimized Kurds. People can’t fucking walk in the streets freely in big cities these days. Do you know what that means? And if police does anything to them it’s fucking police violence against poor Kurdish citizens. They don’t look poor going after girls in alleys, they didn’t look poor showing me their guns and beating the crap out of me. So fuck you! If there was anyone who’d have a right to be a racist, it would be me. But I’m not. And I can say this, every second which passes by without capturing these “Apo lovers” in the streets is going to bring more hate and prejudice between Turks and Kurds. Right now a vast majority of Turks have this stereotypical Kurd in their head, where they speak broken Turkish, walk with knives and guns in their pockets, in packs, assaults anyone they like, steal cars, deal drugs. And you cannot blame them for stereotyping because the government is too pussy to clean the criminals out of the streets to stop this thought.

DTP deputies spend lots of time lobbying for better prison conditions for Mr Ocalan. Many of them were handpicked by the PKK to run for parliament. Yet just as in the AKP case, much of the prosecution’s argument rests on words rather than deeds. Moreover, any ban might just boost the DTP’s popularity.

See, this is yet another proof that DTP is the party of PKK, not the party of Kurds generally. Of course the fact that many of the DTP deputies were husbands/wives/sisters/brothers of active PKK terrorists was enough proof for me. And among many other things, this is another reason even mild Turks started to have a racist dislike against Kurds. Nobody is bothering to stop DTP representing themselves “the Party of Kurds”, not in legal ways, not even by discussing with them on TV and proving they’re a bunch of terrorists feeding on cheap nationalism. And the so called “party of Kurds” DTP supporting the terrorist PKK gives the general idea to the general Turkish citizen that “Kurds support terrorists”. It’s just like that stereotypical Muslim in western countries with long beard and a wife in a black sheet which is probably covering a bunch of explosives.

And don’t think I forgot about you. FUCK YOU Human Rights Commision which don’t give a shit to any human but the terrorists, criminals, mass murderers, rapists. What are you doing while US soldiers are raping & killing Iraqi people? What were you doing when Armenians massacred Azeri people in Khojali? What were you doing while French soldiers were taking photos with the naked Algerian girl they just raped? NOTHING! Because you’re a huge self-centered, manipulative, hypocritical bastard who categorizes humans according to your own benefits.

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OnurT said...

Haklısın Efe, örnek olarak ben.

Babam 1996'da ben 5 yaşına iken Doğu'da özel harekat'ta öldü ve şehitten sayılmadı.

Ondan sonrasında ise bunun acısından Annem 5cl'lik alkollü içkiler içip, şafağa kadar uykusuz kalarak 30 kilo aldı. Şu an 80 kilo yanılmıyorsam.

Böyle bir mahçupluğa vatan sağolsa idi Annemin hali böyle olmazdı.

conmech said...

şehitten nası sayılmadı anlamadım. Kışlada kendini asan ya da kavga edip birbirini vuranlar bile şehitten sayılıyor.

Anonymous said...

PKK should not be let to recruit our people, get the sympathy of anyone, nor should foreigners be able to make slaves of any of us, and on the other hand, I think Turkey should do all it can to preserve its universality, authenticity and sovereignty.

This does not mean Turkey should be the country of chauvinist Kurds, Islamists etc

In the contrary, in a Just and multicultural Kemalist Turkey,
Aramaeans (Süryaniler) cannot be Assyrian terrorists, muslims cannot be wahhabized and arabized idiots, or anyone be Kurdish chauvinists.

In its stead, the authenticity of identities, languages and values should be protected by a universal and legitimate state, while the orientalist myths that aim to eradicate and replace them denounced.

Not because the racist EU wants so, or because terrorist slaves pressure us, it is - and this they don't want anyone to find out - the LAST thing these hypocrites want.

People should realize the concepts of 'Kurdistan', 'Modern Assyria', the 'Arabic World' and the pseudo-Islamic system of Islamism aren't fatalities, but very vulnerable concepts without basis, only air and lies, the greatest antidote of which is not the mightiest army (look at the human disaster in Iraq where no justice prevails, despite the American army), but the simplest historical truth.

Of course all modern nations are based partly on lies, but this is another matter.
The above falsifications are not even indigenous efforts of nation-building, but systems prefabricated in France (primarily) and England to enslave them, and permanently prevent genuinely indigenous nation-building outside Europe.

If they want, readers can see for themselves in the link below how scared Kurds are, when their mask is falling off:

Kind greetings (Be sure we will win over Islamist and Kurdish slaves)


conmech said...

thanks for your comment...


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