Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Justice is Officially Raped

I wrote a few months ago about the ultra-conservative bastard who got in jail for sexually abusing a 14 year old child. You can read the post “here”. And if you remember the post I said “After he gets out of prison he’s going to get back to his ‘job’ and pretend nothing happened”. Boy was I so naive like a little Japanese school girl. Gets out of the prison? He’s out of the prison alright. Yeah you heard it right, that SON OF A BITCH is out of prison. Because an amazingly fast doctor report just came to save him. According to the report, Hüseyin Üzmez forcibly kissing the girl’s private parts and sexually satisfying himself using her body did not “harm the girl’s mental health”. Not to mention even if you are right about such a situation, a similar doctor report normally takes 6 months to come and save you.

Now do you understand why I’m so angry and violent on my blogs all the time? Because I’m living in this fucking country, that’s why. And leaving the country wouldn’t change anything. This is my country, my family, I’m a citizen of Atatürk, and this is the same country which is getting fucked by bigots, rapists, terrorists, pedophiles, imperialists. First a reporter shooting son of a bitch becomes a head writer of an ultra-conservative newspaper, spitting venom at the seculars, Kemalists, Atatürk himself. Then he gets caught forcing a 14 year old girl to sexually satisfy him, then gets released from prison. Then starts talking bullshit again on TV’s.

By the way I checked the internet to see what’s gonna become of him. He’s just released from prison so his trial will continue. But the strange part was he and his lawyer was happy like he came out clean, yelling “the justice is served now!” What the fuck? All I can think about is the trial will never end and he will continue his normal life without being sentenced. You have no idea how angry I am right now, I feel like my head is about to explode. DON’T THESE SONS OF BITCHES EVER GET PUNISHED? Out of thousands of ultra-conservative, corrupted, stealing, raping, lying bastards isn’t even one of them going to be punished?

Of course this is not all, because as I told you before, in Turkey things can always be more fucked up than you can imagine. After being released from prison, he went on TV and had a live interview. In the interview he said “I only care about the rules of Islam and Islam says I can marry a girl as soon as she has her first period”. When he was first sent to prison, his people who want to protect him claimed what he did is not a crime according to Islam because “our prophet also got married with a 9 year old”. Of course their only intention was to gain the sympathy of the conservatives but even the conservatives left him alone at this point. Seriously, why isn’t there a conclusion to this discussion? Some say the girl the prophet married was way older than 9, some say she was 9 but the prophet married to protect her and didn’t ‘touch’ her at all. And let’s say the worst case scenario is true and the prophet DID get married with a 9 year old and had sex with her. Dude, you RAPED a 14 year old. So even the prophet’s sex life cannot rescue you from this situation. Why are you quiet all of a sudden, why don’t you insult the Kemalists, the republic, the seculars again, why don’t you spit your poison on Atatürk again you fucking virus of society.

Even now bigots are protecting him, even after he had to confess what he did to the little girl. They protect him using so many stupid excuses and mostly offensive methods, like counterattacking. There is no more space left to back off so why can’t you take it like a man? FUCK your beliefs, FUCK your ideals, FUCK your Sheria laws, you are a sick motherfucker and that’s all there’s to it. And all those bastards who protect him are as fucked up as he is. Who are you guys trying to fool? You are also anti-Kemalist, anti-secular like him. See the whole bunch here:

And one more thing, these sick people keep defending pedophilia, having sex with 13-14 year old kids. Dude I don’t care if any GOD allows it. This is SICK. HAVING SEX WITH A KID IS SICK! Now do you see why Turkey is a secular country? Because otherwise these people would rape any kid they like and marry them so they wouldn’t even be charged.

I’m still so fucking pissed off and there are still so many things to say. But not to that bastard. All he deserves is getting knocked down and smiting his nuts over and over with a baseball club until he spits his balls and pisses bloody urine from his ass.

Have a nice day...


Anonymous said...

There's no justice in AKP-Turkey (a party that dares calling itself 'Just' and 'White', because it's part of their slew, coward and cruel tactic of secrecy regarding their anti-secular and anti-Turkish activities and intentions), but there will be a time for payback and justice when we will restore the laik and indigenous democratic order of Atatürk, at least we can promise this to ourself!

For now, I think it's important to continuously reject the tyrannous rules of the islamists, taking note and protesting various cases of social terrorism encountered, which can be anything Islamists do to force their twisted ideas on the speechless majority. (at the restaurant, the street, beach etc) I think we shall actively expose and oppose the hidden tyranny and undeclared war waged against Atatürk and our sovereignty, and to break the myth of the survivability of AKP-Turkey.

Last but not least, I wanted to thank you for keeping your blog active. I find it insightful, informative and helpful.


conmech said...

Thanks a lot. I will keep it active as long as I find time. I went back to writing because I was rejected from the post-university and now I have plenty of time...


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