Friday, October 03, 2008

THAT Is Why You Deserve It

Remember 2 posts ago I posted a blog called Because You Deserve It? If you read it you probably couldn’t understand what I meant by that title and concluded you probably missed a spot. Well, of course you did. Here’s that spot.

You would also remember I talked about one of the leaders of this thieves, Zahid Akman, the guy who’s the chairman of “Radio Television Superior Committee”. Right now he has a court order in Germany, that if he ever sets foot there he’ll be captured and arrested. So, what do you think happened to the guy? I mean now we all know that it is a SOLID FACT that this person has been stealing from middle class religious people using the God’s name and the video footages of the poor people from all around Turkey. Come on, brainstorm, what do you think has become of him? Was he arrested in Turkey? Was he discharged from his position? Did he quit himself? Did his conscience get the better of him and he did harakiri? Why not? Doesn’t it happen in the movies? The guy is outed, everyone knows who he really is and what he does, his life is pretty much over, so he inserts the barrel in his mouth and...

None of these happened. Read again, NONE OF THESE HAPPENED. NONE. Right now he’s still the chairman of “Radio and Television Superior Committee”, he still tells the citizens of Turkey what to watch, what not to watch, what’s appropriate and what’s not. No citizen in Turkey rallies in the streets, and it wouldn’t make a difference if they did. And the minister of law (who’s also an AKP member) says “it’s none of my business if he’s found guilty in Germany” You wanna know how fucking stupid some people in Turkey can get? Watch the next elections and you’ll see. AKP won’t even lose any votes. People will keep voting for them. No no, I got a better one. The Deniz Feneri Foundation who was exposed for stealing millions of dollars and were proven to be a criminal gang, is still active in Turkey! And people are probably still donating to that foundation. THIS shows what the considerable amount of Turkish citizens are. If you call them donkey; they’ll kick your ass, if you mount a saddle on their back and get on them, they’ll take you to wherever you want. Just don’t forget to occasionally feed them with bullshit.

Have a nice day...

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