Friday, October 03, 2008

Click to Find a Sex Partner

There was a day I had thought about writing on my blog more frequently and more seriously and make a little money out of it by getting ads from Google Ads. I applied for the thing, but a few days later I changed my mind, cause it was gonna pollute my site without bringing me considerable money, besides I thought “well, there’s a good chance they won’t reply my application anyway”. Unfortunately they did. We’re sorry we didn’t find your site appropriate for giving ads. OK, that’s understandable, they must have a million criteria I don’t match, like I swear a lot, and I’m too agressive and wait... WHAT THE FUCK? We find your site unoriginal and not-unique? Are you fucking aware that I’m the only person who gives news about Turkey to English speakers from right inside the country itself, with no benefits, no extra-intentions, as a plain citizen who lives in Turkey? Are you morons aware of the fact that I’m bothering myself to write this goddamn blog only because nobody else is doing it?

OK let’s say I’m not interesting. Let’s see the unique people who you agree to give ads, the bloggers and the youtube users you decide to make partners. A girl who talks about her sex adventures and giving advice of how to give good oral to women. That’s so unique right, that’s like, noone else has thought about it or done it before right? Why can’t one of you, the publishers I bring my book, the studios who I sent my music, the sites who I send my blogs, why can’t ONE OF YOU be a man and give it to me straight? Yea Efe, we don’t actually care about the content of your stuff, actually we didn’t even check what’s inside it, we checked the counter, we just care that it sells. I’ll kiss the ass of the first person who says this. And one of these days I’m gonna explode into a guy who gives me this bullshit and insults me. Actually, insults me in 2 ways, first claiming that my stuff is less unique than an internet whore, I’m sorry, I mean, an internet lady who earns money out of sex, and secondly, claiming that I’m stupid enough to buy this bullshit.

PLEASE check out this video. I couldn’t embed it cause it’s disabled. Check out the view count, the ratings, and even the ratings of the comments. And watch the video itself. And notice that Google has made this girl a Youtube partner because she’s obviously “unique” and “interesting”.

Come to think of it, I should never have applied for the ads. Look at all the Google Ads, click here to enlarge your penis, click here to find a sex partner, click here to get 100 credits for your cell, click here to get passwords for porn sites, click here to lose weight without working out or a diet... Have you ever seen an ad like “click to get a free book of modern Astronomy” or “click to find an aikido spar partner”? It’s obvious that these ads are addressed to stupid people who think they can achieve anything by clicking on an ad. I swear I wouldn’t apply in the first place if I knew the content of the ads. So they were right on one thing, I’m not appropriate for their ads. Seriously, click this ad to find a sex partner? Dude, you deserve to die even more than I do. The first thing I’ll do when I get bloody rich is to start an advertisement company. I’ll put all those ads on the sites but it will all direct to one site which says:

“You wanna find a sex partner/lose weight/earn free money? Now dig a huge hole, get inside it, cry “hallelujah” three times and bury yourself there. But be patient, in the end, everyone will be happy.” Because we’ll have one less fucking burden of society.

You know what? FUCK YOU GOOGLE! Fuck you for playing with us with your money. Fuck you for being the cheapest money lover and fuck you for being too pussy to admit that you’re not seeking quality, but the money of the horny douchebags who want to find something on the internet to jack off.

Have a nice day...

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