Thursday, August 20, 2009

Dark Times

Hi potential readers, I think I will be writing a couple of more pages on my blog due to Mr Wade’s request who teaches 25 students who try to learn about what’s going on in Turkey. And I know very well that their most trustworthy source is a caffeine high, crazy curse machine. Besides more original bullshit is going on in Turkey besides the standard hypocrisy, thievery and bigotry, so finally I can write something different. So let’s get down to why I used the title “Dark Times”.
Well, have I told you before that Turkey is better than USA? I haven’t? Well I don’t see you sitting down and trying to reason with terrorists. Oh yes, that’s what our super-intelligent government is doing right now. I’m not playing around with words guys, the government is literally sitting down with the terrorist organisation PKK and asking what are their demands to end the terror. I know, it’s not something to laugh at, it’s the lowest point a country can ever sink. And of course in the foreign media this news is probably put as “Turkish government is negotiating with Kurdish fighters who want their freedom” which makes as much sense as US government would sit down with Al Qaida to “discuss Muslim rights”. You know what I fucking hate? I fucking hate the governments who don’t call a child killing, bus shooting, mall bombing terrorist organization “terrorist” if they get benefit out of it.
So let’s forget about all those soldiers and innocent civilians, women, children, babies who died because of PKK, does anyone think the government is going to get “anything” by trying to reason with the terrorists? All they will cause is the terrorists realising that they can actually get something by spilling blood. And they will not cease, they will ask for more. And they will keep on spilling blood. Why? BECAUSE IT’S A FUCKING TERRORIST ORGANISATION YOU FUCKING RETARD! And the biggest difference between a “freedom fighter group” and a “bloody terrorist organisation” is that the terrorist earns money out of blood. If PKK was to cease fire, its leaders would simply bankrupt. Seriously, what are they gonna do? Get a real job? Fuck no! They will turn to the terrorists and say “we can have more from this government so we should keep on fighting” Do you know what the fuck is going on in Turkey right now? There are tens of PKK supporters in the parliament who earn gargantuan amount of tax-payer money every month, some are direct relatives, spouses, brothers of active terrorists who are in the mountains shooting bullets as we speak. So yes, THE TAX PAYERS ARE SUPPORTING THE FUNDING OF A GROUP WHICH KILLS THEIR PEOPLE.
I have said and written so many times the real purpose of the current government. Nobody seemed to believe me and people like me back then, but now with every move they do, they seem to approve me. The real purpose of the government is, since they came to power by the money and support of the external forces (like USA), to give back to those countries what they owe. Since the day they came to power, the Turkish economy is getting hardcore fucked up, having its head inside the toilet and getting spanked hard on its buttcheek as it gets raped. Almost all the important establishments, lands, factories, companies are getting sold off to foreigners with hilariously low prices. And of course in return they get “gifts”, like a couple of hunderd thousand euros for their sons’ newly founded companies. So as a result, with each government property they sell, they make a couple of hunderd thousand euros and the country loses millions of dollars because of the sell-out. So nobody is afraid the country is gonna be like Iran or Malaysia (at least not yet). I’m afraid the country will become more like Ivory Islands, where the local people are slaves and workers and all the bosses and owners are foreigners.
So you might be wondering with which excuse the government is pulling this stupid stunt right now. Their excuse is “giving more rights to Kurds” and that’s probably what you read in the newspapers, and you might be wondering “what’s wrong with that?” Well, first of all, the 20% of Turkish population is Kurds, or so they say, and to represent this chunk, the government sits down with fucking terrorists. This is what’s wrong. And to clear things, Kurds have never been discriminated or ceased to speak their own language or suffered anything because of their race, even though many of them keep telling “I’m a foreigner” to imply that they don’t belong to the Turkish government. It is EXACTLY like Muslims rallying in USA and the government sitting down with Al Qaida to discuss the “Muslim rights”. And now it’s time to start imagining. Imagine Obama sitting down with Osama Bin Laden to ask his demands. And try to convert the following demands I’ll write which PKK’s leaders wanted, into Al Qaida and Muslims in USA.
Kurds having their own parliament, and prime minister, and ARMY.
The regime in Turkey totally changing to European style.
Turkey apologising for the pain they caused to Kurds.
Cities in the east changing to Kurdish names.
And many more bullshit like that. You know why this is going on? Because people in the east, have nothing better to do. This is the biggest reason. If they had actual jobs, if they had a place to go, if they had a life, they wouldn’t seek after stupid rights like “I want to change the name of the city” which doesn’t even make sense and has no use if they stopped and thought about it. Of course this is the politicians’ fault, but did you know PKK constantly keeps bombing the schools, dams and buildings like that in the east, kills the teachers, so that people won’t get educated, so they won’t have nothing better to do. And after all these, in some countries, in newpapers, in magazines like Marie Claire, PKK is still shown as “Kurdish Freedom Fighters”, and I’m pretty sure that these guys do it on purpose. I really wonder something, HOW FUCKED UP ARE YOU? How low can a person go, to LIE to people in order to support a CHILD MURDERING terrorist organisation? How low can you fucking go? You fuckers are the real scum of this world, no matter how much money you have, you are the lowest lifeforms this planet inhabits. And I’m so glad I wasn’t born in of those countries, or I would die of shame. Yes, I’m living in Turkey, yes I have to fight stupid assholes everyday, get robbed by the government, be suppressed by ignorant bigots, but still I’m glad I’m Turkish. Cause at least I have my pride. I can look at the mirror without throwing up or being ashamed the shit out of myself.
You know what should have been done? Everybody knows who the rich supporters and the brains of PKK are, they should have been found and stopped. It’s THAT simple. THAT SIMPLE YOU FUCKING MORONS. If it was in USA, every person who had a photo with a terrorist, made a phone-call to a terrorist, even knew a terrorist would be in jail. But in Turkey, we can’t even stop the motherfuckers who come to Turkey to ask the well being of the leader of PKK. That’s how fucked up it is.
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