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Q & A - Part 2

Hi there, we’ll be continuing with 2 more questions.

The other day in class we were talking about the relationship between Kurds and Turks, and I was curious as to whether or not you have ever had a Kurdish friend growing up? I know that you served in the Turkish military, but was wondering if you still had a negative opinion of Kurds before then? Physically, is it easy to determine who's Kurdish and who is Turkish? And if you were to meet someone, get along with them, and then found out that they were Kurdish, would you stop talking to them even though you had been getting along with them before you found out?

Sorry for so many questions haha. I really do appreciate reading your blogs and responses--thanks for doing it!

Oh, and Professor Wade wanted us to send a picture of ourselves so that you could see what we look like so I did that as well...I'm the one that isn't a dog hahah

-Liz Smith

Hi Liz, this is a very nice question, but it’s so huge I don’t know where to start talking about relations between Turks and Kurds. If you ask me, they are most similar to “Muslims in USA”. I don’t know what you were told but true Kemalism denies all racism. I had pretty bad experiences with some of the Kurds (who were also PKK supporters), because I swore at a bunch of them who I know have guns, because they said they love apo (the leader of PKK), and had guns and knives pulled at me and got my ass kicked in the middle of the street. I know, I need to control my temper more efficiently. The relation of Turks and Kurds have many levels. There is common hate or anger towards Kurds in a common Turk, and the reason is those bastards who walk in the streets in packs with guns, mug people, harrass people and throw petrol-bombs and stones at the police and the shops in the name of protesting some crappy made up special day. And if anything happens to them, some ten lawyers come out of nowhere to defend them to death. It is wrong to have this prejudice against Kurds but I still understand people who has. The solution is not to tell people “hey don’t have prejudice”, the solution is to clean the streets from this scum for good so that people would only see “normal Kurds” as Kurds. Seriously how fucked up, I mean messed up is it to hire lawyers to defend street scum in the name of “protecting Kurds”? I have told this for years, and I’m still telling it, it is not Turks who want to be enemies with Kurds, it is the people from outside who benefit out of this hate in every way. Did you know PKK earns money out of almost every drug deal in Europe? Did you know Denmark was denying to shut down PKK’s channel in the name of “free-speech” and PKK was able to give orders through that channel to the terrorists in Turkey? Did you know France harbors PKK members in cities such as Paris in the name of “protecting Kurds”, and they even have HQ’s which my friend saw with his eyes? If you don’t, you should, before you look at Paris as “the city of love” again. Or do I need to send photos of Kurdish babies who were shot in the belly by PKK? You know I will.

Did I have Kurdish friends. Yes, I did. Mostly in the military, even after that ass kicking incident. Even some who couldn’t read or write. We slept in the same dorm together with all of them, went to simple operations (like picking up people who were in a fight) with them. After we had 18 soldiers killed by PKK in an ambush, we talked on the phone with one of them and he said how sorry he is. And all of them had Kurdish as their primary language and had learned Turkish afterwards. Even one of my favorite commanders was Kurdish and I was constantly giving his 12-13 year old son lessons, English, math, Turkish, and in return, the commander was very good to me. Well he was good to many people, he was the favorite commander of many soldiers. Even though he would be angry from time to time and shout, soldiers still liked him because he was a down to earth man. Actually his son liked me so much he would make up excuses to come to the barracks to study with me, because you know, everyone loves a cool older brother. I was also giving read/write lessons to that Kurdish soldier who couldn’t read or write, and basic math lessons to another Kurdish soldier.

I saw one thing very clearly, like that guy who couldn’t read or write. He had spent his entire life on mountains, shepherding animals, and he was so naive that if someone would come and say “the Turks are torturing Kurds, you have to save yourself”, he would believe them and go to the mountain to become a terrorist in the name of protecting something he doesn’t even know, at least for sure before his military life. Actually this is mostly how Kurds become terrorists. They probably don’t even know apo himself is not Kurdish. So it is the fault of every government which came to power who couldn’t see and take care of the “danger”. This is why I do not support free speech. If those people who lied to Kurds into going to mountains were stopped and the Kurds in the east were taken care of, like building factories or similar stuff to make them have real jobs, this terror wouldn’t exist. Oh of course you don’t know PKK bombs schools and factories in the east too. Guess why, because they are freedom fighters? Or they don’t want eastern Kurds to have real lives so that they'll keep being attracted to terror? There are actually a million more things to say about this topic, you can find more stuff in my previous blogs. I don’t know what you think about free speech rights, but I say it is given to countries only if they deserve it. In Turkey, there are so many scumbags who got rich by intentionally lying to support the terrorists, or support the government even if he doesn’t believe in what he says, and earned money out of it. This is so pathetic.

So why I said Kurds in Turkey are somewhat like Muslims in USA is, probably none of you has any problems with someone being a Muslim. But when people go to streets yelling for Al-Qaida in the name of Islam, you’d start prejudice slowly towards Muslim people. And after so many rallies in the streets yelling all the time “hail Al-Qaida for Islam” and ‘intellectual’ newspaper writers start saying Al-Qaida is not a terrorist group, it’s just a group of freedom fighters who want to free Muslims because they are being tortured and descriminated, you’d start saying “dude what the f?” And when one day your president would say “I will now sit down and talk to Osama Bin Laden to ask what Muslims want, because we had been torturing Muslims and they were only attacking because of that”, and in the end he agrees that “Muslim populated states will change name, like California will become Shaddularab from now on”. What? California is not a Muslim-majority state? Do you want me to make it? I will do it in 10 years, don’t try me. Because I know exactly how to overpopulate a city with simplest human forms who know nothing but to breed.

And you would have hard time not to be a racist, because even right now I see so many Americans talking how they should bomb the middle east because Muslims are nothing but terrorists. I advise everyone to check from the internet the history of violence and massacres, you would be surprised who did incredibly violent massacres, and to who. And even though you would know there are many Muslims in America who are simply trying to make a living, the media wouldn’t show it to you. They would only show the Al-Qaida members, and say “in order to stop the blood spill, Obama & Osama should sit down and have an agreement” Oh wait of course, you guys aren’t fucking morons, you know very well that YOU CANNOT FUCKING STOP A FUCKING TERRORIST BY GIVING WHAT HE FUCKING WANTS. Because that’s his fucking job. And giving him something will make him successful in his job. Have you seen anyone quitting his job because he’s successful? Oh wait I forgot, sorry, Al-Qaida is a group of freedom fighters, of course, sorry, my mistake.

Are they phyically determinable? Not all of them, but the scumfucks, I mean, bad-men, who walk around the street in packs, in darker skin, broken Turkish, and somewhat ugly looks, especialy guys, I don’t know why, but it looks really ugly to me. But of course, many other Kurds aren’t determinable since there isn’t even a stereotypical look of a Turk either.

Hi Efe!

My name is Carlyn Trout and I am one of Professor Wade's American students. I have recently been reading a great deal about the Turkish television program showing the relations between the Israeli army and the Palestinian citizens living in the Occupied Territories. The Israeli government has very strong feelings of opposition towards this program, however, the Turkish government is denying its role in the airing of this program. How do you feel about it and what are your opinions about the Israeli Palestinian struggle?

Thank you so much for blogging the way you do! It is so interesting to see the world through the eyes of a non-American!


Hi Carlyn, I heard about the program but didn’t watch it. It is aired in the government’s channel. There is a good chance that it was made just to earn more support of religious people. I don’t even know if it’s accurate or not since I didn’t watch it, but if it is, then it’s a good thing to show the world the stuff Israeli did in Gaza, no matter what the intention of the channel is. If it’s exaggerated, then it’s a really hideous thing to try to earn rating out of a tragedy. I always say that to have a clear opinion about the struggle you should be living there. Right now we are told, along with some footage, that Israeli had randomly killed people in Gaza including many civilians. This is unacceptable no matter what their history is. You cannot say “they attacked my cilivians so I can attack theirs”. It doesn’t work that way. That would give many Arab countries the right to bomb USA civilians if the US Army had killed their people. When Turkish army goes into Iraq to make operations against PKK terrorists, they miss many of them in order to avoid accidentally hitting civilians. But still, they are being called invaders.

By the way, I keep wondering if this Turkish-Israeli struggle is for real. I mean, there are two possibilities,

1) Turkish and Israeli governments are aware of this made up fight, and pretending to be fighting so that Turkish government will have support from conservatives, so they will come to power once again, so they can reward Israeli again (like giving away a portion of land to Israeli for 50 years),

2) Israeli government doesn’t know what’s going on and they really think the Turkish government has a go at them, and they don’t know either that they will stop it right after the election. Man, they must be really confused...

So thanks for reading guys, I’ll keep on writing as long as you want me to.

Have a nice day (wait, I didn’t end with swearing, oh fuck it I won’t swear this time).

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