Friday, September 30, 2011

Turkish Cartoonist Will go to Trial for Saying There's No God

I know, it's been YEARS since I didn't post in this blog. But this is something foreigners MUST know.

Sometimes foreigner friends ask how Turkey is doing. I will give just a single example for showing the level of fucked-upness.

A Turkish cartoonist is going to court for writing in one of his cartoons "There's no Allah, and religion is a lie". He will be tried of "insulting beliefs" and if sentenced, will be in jail for one year. There's a good chance he will survive the trial (cause we're not a Sheria country... yet) But it's already a big shame that he actually goes to court for "insulting beliefs". And people who hasn't gone to court yet, going to court itself is a shameful and stressful and miserable process. How do I know? Well guess how. Being a little famous, and an open Atheist (acutally agnostic, but it really doesn't matter) and making videos about evolution made me an easy target. I outed the lies of a creationist man, who wasn't too happy with it. So he sued me, and his excuse was "someone wrote an insult as a comment on a video which I uploaded, therefore I helped someone insult him" Police came to our house, took off all the hard drives in my computers and took it away. And this happened while I was preparing for a short film competition, editing a movie which was due to a few days later. My wife is Romanian, she doesn't know Turkish, and think about the shock she had when she witnessed such a thing. After the police was gone, she asked if I'm a terrorist of something. I will be going to interrogation in a few weeks, I'm hoping there won't be a trial necessary, cause you know, I didn't actually do anything.
So, this is how it is in Turkey right now. All I know is that if I stay here enough, I will most definitely end up in jail. So any of you got any ideas how me and my wife be refugees in another country? You know, anyone which doesn't run by Sheria law would do.


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coskun said...

Come to Britain....if you can....!!


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