Monday, June 25, 2012

Why Turkey Eventually WILL Enter Syria

People out of Turkey are probably desperately trying to understand what’s going on in here. There are many things you don’t and CAN’T know unless you’ve been living here for a long time. Bottom line, Turkey will eventually find enough excuses to enter Syria. How do I know this? It’s actually elementary. I know where our current prime minister is coming from. I know that he confessed that he was made the chairman of the great middle eastern project, where the middle eastern countries will fall under the control of USA, all the countries will have governments who are actually USA’s men, and many borders will change including the east of Turkey becoming a part of Kurdistan. And according to this plan, Syria must also be invaded. I’m guessing USA failed to overthrow the Syrian government by a civil revolution, so now they’re going to simply “enter” it. For the last few years, every good Turkish military officer has been captured and imprisoned, including the ex-chief of defense. Their alleged crime is making a secret organisation to try to overthrow the government. Maybe you are also wondering how can there be so many journalists in the prison, yet the AKP ministers claim they have none. Because they are all labeled as “secret terrorists plotting to overthrow the government” as well. Also many opposing politicians. Even though according to law some are supposed to be released by the fact that they have immunity. All of them are still waiting for their trial. They’ve been in prison for 3-4 years. Now that all this “potentially dangerous” people are out of the picture, the government can manouver the army however it wants.

Another reason I know for sure Turkey will attack, is that I follow some of the celebrities who suck the balls of the government, singers, directors, actors, etc. Because from what they’re sharing from twitter, you can see the real intention of the government. One of those celebrities recently started calling for war. In every tweet of his, he’s saying we are Ottomans and we can conquer Syria, whoever is against this war is a coward and an elitist. And he keeps saying “people who say they are against terror, why are they being coward against Syria’s terror” And again, so many ignorant people are supporting this bullshit. Those AKP fanatics. They’re not just blindly voting for the same party like a team fanatic, but also supporting whatever the government is saying. They don’t even understand what’s going on, or what war is. They never asked “when Israel shot down a Turkish ship of an Islamist organization, was Turkey able to do anything about it?” Of course they couldn’t. After sometime, Israel finished searching the ship, and sent it back to Turkey, AND THE TURKISH MEDIA SAID THIS IS AN ACCOMPLISHEMENT OF THE GOVERNMENT. And people believed. Again. They actually think that Israel was going to keep the ship for itself but got scared and gave the ship back.

Some people are too good. I’m not one of them. I believe in natural selection, and elimination of the individuals to have a better population of the species. If a society attacks everyone who ever helped and is trying to help them, and embraces the ones who are taking them to their doom, they deserve everything what’s coming to them.

It already started in the media that Syria is also helping the terrorist organisation PKK. And of course the classic; “the Syrian government are from a different sect of Islam, thus they’re not actually Muslims”. Nobody will ever raise his head and ask: “hey wait a fucking second. Christians and Jews never fight with each other, why the fuck are we fighting over the stupidest thing?” No they won’t ask. They will keep on fighting and destroying themselves. I’d say the western countries are trying to dominate the middle east so that they would bring a little civilization to them. But everywhere they capture, every government they overthrow, they bring the most hardcore Sharia law. Before they financed and supported Khoumeyni in France to make an Islamist revolution in Iran, Iran used to be as modern as a westerner country. Right now USA harbors and supports Fethullah Gülen on his mission to overthrow the Turkish govenment and bring an Islamist regime in Turkey instead of the secular one. So next time you watch the news about the Islam danger coming from the middle-east, remember it was the western countries in the first place who pumped the zone with Islam to keep it as primitive as possible...


Anonymous said...

I follow you regularly and you said that f.gulen is going to come back Turkey however; as we all know the prime minister called for him and he rejected coming back for some reasons. At this point I ve 2 questions for you
1- Do you accept that you are wrong? or it is just delay?
2- do the reasons that are i've noticed are persuasive?

Anonymous said...

Secular Turkey is gone forever…

Turkey will inevitably face an Islamic revolution like Iran had in 1979. It won’t be burkas and mullahs, but the secularists have been outbred by devout observant muslims. Due to this demographic shift, there is no going back. My family has lived in Turkey for generations but all of us have left for Israel and the USA, we will never go back to Turkey. The anti semitism is so out of control, its unbearable. I am surprised there are still 20,000 Jews left in the country!

The AKP government has been taking over, very skillfully, one part after another of society-The economy, the business community, the academic community, the media. Now they’re taking over the judiciary. They have even infiltrated some parts of the military. The changes they have made to the judiciary, educational system, and the consitutionals referendum are simply irreversible.

The demographic shift to observant muslims, rejection from the EU And an Imam as Prime MInister Erdogan is a like an inescapable tsunami of Islamism.

Turkey will remain nominally secular in the coastal areas, for tourism and its own government institutions, but who are the secular turks kidding themselves? I’ve gotten to know Turks pretty well. Personally I was surprised the AKP government didn’t win by larger votes in 2002 and 2007.

In spite of seventy years of secular indoctrination and the creation of a personality cult of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the bulk of the Turks have steadfastly held their loyalty to Islam.

As the EU Dream fades, Turkey is looking more and more like any other middle eastern or muslim country.

While the secularist Kemalist ship is sinking in the Straits of the Bosporus, the neo-Ottoman Islamist ship of Erdogan is docking at the port of Istanbul

Even as a Turkish Jew, I don’t blame the Turkish muslims for returning to their Islamic roots. After working so hard to be so staunchly secular and westernized for 7 decades, what is the point when Europe itself doesn’t want you to join the EU? A lot of Turks I’ve talked to here in NYC have received support from muslims from Pakistan, India, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, etc.

If you can’t look to the west, then you look to the east…and Turkey is now being welcomed with open arms by their fellow muslims instead of being cold shouldered by Europeans. It was bound to happen.

Turkey will not become Iran, but it is clear that Islam will indeed play a large part of the society for many years to come.

conmech said...

Whether he'll come or not, it's not the right time yet anyway. If you think about Khomeyni revolution, I'd say he'll come in the very end.


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