Sunday, May 06, 2012

Being Born in Turkey With a Brain

Is hard. I have been spending over a year, trying to find ways to immigrate to a country where I can be a “person”. I went back and read all my angry blogs which I wrote before I gave up on writing blogs. Now I’m going to delete them because I don’t want any other excuse for cops to raid my house and seize my harddisks, going to courts in line with actual criminals. I’m admitting that we lost, and now there’s no point of talking, because for any one person who can understand what I write, there are hundreds who have no clue, no chance. All I care now is the people like me. Me and them, we can see very clearly what’s going to happen with Turkey, we can see that it can’t be changed. That’s why the only sensible thing to do right now is to find ways to evacuate.

So here’s a summary of the latest events happening in Turkey, to make you understand the situation better. It’s funny how many of them connect to the news I already wrote about.
·           Hundreds of evolutionists and atheists have been sued, some for writing entries in a forum site, some for writing comments, some even for joining a Facebook group. I myself have cops raided my house and my harddisks taken away as “evidence for crime” because of my video debunking a creationist and outing his lies about “evolutionism is an evil religion, 9/11 terrorists were Darwinists, American soldiers invading Iraq are Darwinists, etc”. See, in Turkey there’s this crime called “insulting”, which can be stretched out to anything. You think your country is screwed up, because corrupt politicians/media bosses can say any crap they like? Now think about this. Imagine one of your most hated corrupt celebrities. Imagine yourself making a video outing his lies and calling him a liar for what he is, not even swearing or something. And this celebrity has so much free time and money because he doesnt have to go to work like we do, his people find you and sue you. Then cops raiding your house and taking your harddisks for evidence (I know, you may wanna ask “what evidence, you already confessed that it’s you in the video”. But it doesnt matter, they take the harddisks by force anyway for no good reason). It’s far from over, then it takes a whole year of stress to find out what the verdict is. And even though you made a good defence about how you were right to make that video defending the evolutionists, it doesnt matter you still get sentenced to pay money. Still not over, the celebrity’s men write in forum sites that you got sentences for JAILTIME, and you deserve much more, and you should be sued for every video you made. And right after the lawsuit finalises, you get sued again for something you made three years ago. This is only a very small portion what me and hundreds of young people are going through. Such an incident can never happen in your country, am I wrong? Because if it did, that celebrity would be #1 most hated troll in the country. The press would write what a troll he is, instead of writing “he’s fighting against the religion insulters”. And of course, everyone would say, “why are they so desperately trying to shut up atheists and evolutionists?” This is the problem. We just can’t tell anyone who’d understand. They just can’t compute, that you can’t go around suing anyone for insulting religion if you’re talking about democracy. They just can’t compute any of these. The huge majority of people are simply sheep, unable to use their own brains. And this is not going to change, it’s not going to get better. Looking at the rate of reproduction, it’s going to get worse. We are only waiting for our turn to go inside. What’s our crime? Being born in Turkey, that’s what.
·           Tens of army officers, opposing politicians and journalists have been in jail waiting for a verdict FOR THREE YEARS now (the crime being trying to make a secret terrorist organistaion to overthrow the government). This is a part of the future which we clearly see. The great middle east project. Splitting of Turkey in two, and the republic becoming an Islamic sharia government. Maybe you already realised, that USA and other western countries are feeding middle east with Islam. They’re bringing sharia law to any country they get their men inside, because it’s the surest way to 1) keep the people under control, 2) to make sure those countries stay primitive, 3) to make sure those countries look “evil” enough, so the American army would have every right to bring “democracy” to anyone it likes. Living in Turkey for 30 years, and spending my last 10 years trying to wake people up, only to be assaulted and insulted on the web, the AKP supporters cheering for their party like a sports team, thinking we are the bad people for not supporting their party, I can say, they deserve whatever is coming for them. So my only goal is to get people like me out of here.
·           2 very important world class artists, one pianist (Fazıl Say) and one cartoonist (Bahadır Baruter) is being ruthlessly attacked on the web by hundreds of sick-perverted minded people only because they did the mistake of coming out as atheists, and saying there is no Allah, and the religion is a lie. And of course they too are facing jail-time for “insulting people’s religious emotions”. There you go. Stuff like that is impossible to happen in wherever you live probably, but in here it does, because nobody raises his head and says “Wait a minute. If Allah IS real and the one and only god, why does he need an attorney?” You and I, we both know that if you are confident that your god is real, you wouldn’t do such insecure stuff like trying to shut up people who oppose your idea.
·           The “lighthouse” charity which I keep writing about, which got sentenced in Germany for stealing 46 million Euros from people in Turkey and Germany who thought they were donating money to poor people, do you remember it? So are you ready to get a dose of what Turkish law system is? 1) The lawsuit didn’t finalise in Turkey because the attorneys who started the case got taken away, and now they are being sued for “abusing their job position” They even had to make a defense on why they sued the “lighthouse” 2) That’s not it. The “lighthouse” didn’t even cease to work, and they are still collecting donations. And people are giving! Seriously? I saw one man being interviewed on TV about this scandal. He simply replied “I don’t care if it was scam, I donated to help the poor, so I got my good merits from god anyway”
·           One of the biggest massacres in Turkish history was in 1993, a whole city of Islamist people torching a whole hotel, burning 33 people alive. The lawyers who were defending the murderers later became AKP parliamenters. And guess what, the case simply got closed this year, because it had reached its expiration date. So where are the murderers, are they out of Turkey? No, one of them was found in the very city of the massacre, after dying of heart-attack.
·           Again, that 74 year old Islamist writer who molested a 14 year old child. Do you remember him? Do you wonder what happened to his case? He got a mentally insane report and was released. Funny thing is, that “insane” man had been the head writer of an Islamist newspaper for years.
·           The government said they’re going to give milk to school kids everyday for them to be more healthy. The truth is, they just wanna buy the unsold milk of an Islamist company, using the tax-payers’ money. And of course, in the end, around 600 students got poisoned and hospitalised. And as always, the AKP members made statements like “oh it’s not poisoning, it’s being allergetic. There’s no such thing as being poisoned from milk. Some are just drinking milk for the first time, that’s why. We ARE going to keep giving this milk to you and you will drink it” Are you surprised? The guys are simply too confident. ANYTHING they say, the people are going to buy it. And they are right.

This is just a very very small dose of what we’re living through everyday. But even from these topics, you can come to the conclusion that “IF YOU ARE ONE OF THEM, YOU CAN DO WHATEVER YOU WANT AND GET AWAY WITH IT” Seriously, what do you wanna try? Child rape? Check. Burning people alive? Check. Stealing millions? Check. Poisoning kids for money? Check. But, none of these is the problem. The problem is the people. It’s the people who are simply going to keep on voting for them. So tell us, what is there to do?

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