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Atatürk Vs Prophet ?

April 23rd is a special day for Children in Turkey. On April 23rd 1920, Atatürk gathered the first Grand National Assembly. And from 1935 on, this day was announced as children’s day. And after 1979, it became an International Children’s day where children all around the world come to Turkey and do their traditional dances in their traditional outfits.

And since AKP came to power, symbolic national days like this one are being assaulted by bigots every year. Roll the tape...

I really have hard time describing these hypocrites and how they viciously use religion and its symbols. But I have no worry you will understand my feelings, cause you all have your own versions of these people in your country and in your religion. To make an alternative to National Children’s day, a BIRTHWEEK of the Islam Prophet has been started being celebrated, where children are surprisingly the main actors of this celebration. There are SO MANY things to criticize about this I just don’t know where to start.

Defenders of this birthweek claim that it was being celebrated ever since 1989 so it can’t be a trick of AKP. Well, NO IT WASN’T CELEBRATED. Who are you guys lying to? Was I born in 2000? If we look at the archives maybe we’ll see it was officially celebrated. But no one knew about it. I went to a public school too, we celebrated so many days and weeks as small as the traffic week, and we didn’t even know a week as important as the birthweek of the prophet of Islam ever existed. But right now, it is being celebrated in some schools (brainwash anyone?), even in some official places. I realized the existence of this week a few years ago, when they started small attempts in a shier way. Right now they are celebrating like a national holiday with banners all over the place like: “If you are not ashamed, you would do anything!” This reminds me of a speech Tayyip Erdoğan made before becoming the prime minister of Turkey: “Democracy is a train to get on that will take you to wherever you want, and to get off when you have come there”

What the hell is a birthWEEK? I never knew the births of people were celebrated in weeks. First of all, who came to the conclusion that our prophet was born on this date? OK this birthday of our prophet has been announced as 20th of April and decided to be celebrated for a whole week right? So why is the loudest, the strongest celebrations are done on April 23rd? Maybe I’m wrong about this of course. Maybe it’s because the media shows the celebrations made on April 23rd more, to show a paradox.

And how come every Islam Holiday is being celebrated according to the Moon calendar (which means every Islam Holiday is celebrated 11 days earlier than the previous year) but this birthday is a fixed day according to our current calendar, so that it corresponds to April 23rd every year. Wait there’s more. Of course there’s more. Islam already has a special day to celebrate the beginning of the Prophet’s mother’s pregnancy, which is of course celebrated 11 days earlier each year just like any other special Muslim day. So right now, the day of the start of the pregnancy and the supposed birthday of the Prophet is getting apart every year. Go on my haters, make your own videos, write your own blogs and prove that I’m lying. People who read you and read me, people who watch you and watch me will ultimately conclude that things you say don’t add up. Celebrating the pregnancy in Moon calendar and birthday in Sun calendar? How do YOU explain this? Would you like ME to explain it for you?


That’s why.

That’s even worse than your attempt to bring a TWENTY ONE year old man to the parliament one year on April 23rd children’s day, saying he’s representing the "children" and making him read a speech that “nobody is strong enough to stop us and we shall prevail”

And showing girls of age 7 in AKP-hijab uniform on stages and making them read poems like this? Making rallies about hijab with 2-3 year old girls in hijab making them hold banners like “we will resist we will survive”. You know what? As far as I read, girls weren’t put in covers until puberty even in the Ottoman Empire days. So your pedophilia has evolved? Wasn’t it you who said women should be covered because they arouse the sexual feelings of men? Wasn’t that the reason? So you get sexually aroused by 3 year old girls you fucking pedophiles? Am I going too far? Am I exaggerating? So let’s combine this with the statistics that in Turkey there are over TEN THOUSAND married girls between ages 12 and 14. You sick bastards! You-sick-bastards!

No I’m not going to connect this with the underage marriages of the prophet. So STOP accusing Islam itself to me and expect me to defend it. I never did that. I never cared. I always defended the Muslims living at this time in this world and the accusations made against them. If you are wrong about Islam you will go to hell anyway, and if you’re right, then you’re right. Just quit being cheeseheads when you’re insulting a religion. People who say Islam is a religion of hate are mostly Christians. Dude what are you smoking? Are you saying the same God created a great religion called Christianity and later he was on crack so he created Islam? Look idiots, the God either exists or dosen’t exist, the religions are either true or lies. How can ONE religion be true and the other one a lie? And you think I can’t find examples of hate and violence in Christianity, in Judaism? Wherever there’s HUMAN, there’s violence, so suck it up!

Again a few days ago I saw on the newspaper that a fashion show made by women in hijab, and apparently these news were on the western media with title: “Turkish Style Fashion Show”. As my elite few readers you are lucky to know this is complete bullshit. Because in Turkey there are fashion shows every day and only a very small portion are like this, and these are organized privately by rich & powerful radical religious individuals. If you don’t believe this is a small portion, look at the national women’s volleyball team. I am proud of being a Turk when they play against one of the Sheria countries who play with hijab and long pants. Must be humiliating for the Sheria country’s women to play like that.

And what’s up with the radical religious, and rich & powerful? Guys, isn’t religion all about AFTERLIFE? Isn’t is all about suffering now so that you will prosper eternally in the afterlife? So why are you living like there’s no second life, gathering all you can, thinking viciously materialistic. Umm, NO YOUR SINS AREN’T GOING TO VANISH BY GOING TO MOSQUE ON FRIDAYS. I have a very strong feeling there are some people who actually think like this; who actually are aware they are committing sins, lying, taking someone else’s money, drinking, hiring prostitutes. Do they believe their sins get ERASED when they go to mosques?

It is a fact that in Turkey the 99% of the population is Muslim, at least on paper. And we see on even the most sophisticated TV programs that the existence of God can’t even be discussed. What’s the reason of it not being discussed? It should be discussed to prove people His existence. Because even though a huge percentage is Muslim, I believe only a portion of them are living according to the fact of God’s existence and the afterlife. It’s less being a Muslim and more being an “Islam likers” club membership. People commit direct sins everyday, claiming those are “lesser” sins. But the truth is it’s all about the rules of the club. And the rules of the club is set according to human needs and wants. In Turkey, drinking rate is high, prostitution is high, stealing is high, lying is WAY high. Worshiping sheiks and being servants of other mortals is high. And nobody says anything about these, because the demand is high too. I’m not sure if the God’s laws works the same as societies’ laws; doing something wrong just because everyone else does it won’t make it any right. You won’t believe, but I hear regular swears like “Fuck your God and your book” everyday on the streets. And this isn’t a swear directed at religion, it’s just used as a regular swear, like “fuck you”. Ninety nine percent? I said this was about society right? If in Turkey, especially in some regions, someone would eat pork or claim that he eats pork, he would be treated as the lowest infidel. So who set the Islamic law that eating pork is worse than drinking alcohol or prostitution or lying?

5 A.M. Brain fuckage...


Susan said...

Hey Efe, I guessing there is a good number of Turks that would agree with you, but some of them might not speak up. I LOVED the idea of Chrildrens Day when I read about it. But, yeah, for a Religious group to follow the MOON calender which they have done forever, and THEN all of a SUDDEN they use the "regular"/secular calender and TIE UP Childrens Day,... IT's Selfish and for the wrong reasons!

conmech said...

i definitely agree. Thanks for the comment :)


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