Monday, April 28, 2008

What did I JUST Say?

Damn I just wrote a shitload of pages about hypocrite radicals. Won’t you leave me alone? I have an exam in 2 weeks, and everytime I promise myself this is the last entry before the exam, something huge comes up.
Just yesterday I received the news that one of the extreme radical Islamist writers of age 78 got arrested for sexually abusing a 14 year old girl. I shocked you again right? No? Not slightly surprised? Anyone?
Is that a general law that any hypocrite radical who’s full of hate for something turns out to be exactly that thing? Raging homophobes turn out to be raging gays, pre-marital sex opposers turn out to be sexual abusers? Isn’t it actually the reason we get pissed at these haters? Because everyone knows they are always the lowest type of perverts, and this sexual abuse incident is just one stupid guy who got caught.
So let me first tell you about this man and the newspaper he’s the lead-writer of. His newspaper is called “Vakit” meaning “time”, which belongs to a radical Islamist group. It’s not the same group as the leading party AKP and its crew, who have their own newspaper named “Zaman” which also means “time”. Their difference is; AKP crew is a group of people with plans to increase their power and keeps religion as the strongest weapon in their arsenal, whereas “Vakit” is simply a bunch of sick motherfuckers. You won’t have a problem telling them apart, think of “Zaman” crew as the Turkish version of Bush & his crew, and “Vakit” crew as your delusional lunatic neighbor who walks around with a Bible in her hand babbling “Thou shall not do this thou shall not do that”. In nerdier terms, AKP is lawful evil whereas Vakit crew is chaotic evil.
This pervert’s criminal record contains shooting another newspaper writer 6 times claiming he’s an enemy of God, leaving him like that thinking he’s dead. You know, this is one of the things which suck in Turkey. This man can come out of prison and continue talking about religion and virtue and nobody yells “SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU SICK BASTARD!”, in fact, people simply keep on listening to him as if nothing happened. After this sexual abuse incident people from his crew commented that “we’d never expected something like that from him”. THE GUY IS A SICK MURDERER WANNABE, what the fuck did you expect from him?
Oh sure you wanna know some details about his pervercy. He hired a family with a 14 year old child to work for him. Then he had sex with the child’s mom without her husband’s notice. Then he started making sex talks with the woman on the phone, asking her to let him talk to the daughter as well. Then he started physically abusing the child while the mother knew because the child told about it but did nothing and actually helped the pervert. As the girl states, he would “kiss her private parts over and over” and satisfy himself after that. The girl would cry everytime after the sexual abuse sessions.
One of the family members of the pervert said even if he comes out clean, he’s going to “save” her by having an imam marriage with her and making her his second wife. Yea guys, this is how they save people in their planet, marrying a 14 year old girl who probably never had a boyfriend, who never tasted love, and making her the second wife of a 78 year old rapist. By the way, since polygamy is banned in Turkey, this marriage is just going to be a religious one.
THIS is what you are you bastards. Everytime you call some girl whore cause she doesn’t cover her hair, everytime you tell bullshit about how people should keep their daughters under control so they won’t do inappropriate things, we’re going to know it’s one of YOU people we should protect them from. You sick, poisonous, perverted plagues of the world.


Mr Angry said...

Good work mate! People like you speaking out make sure the spreaders of propaganda don't have it all their own way!

conmech said...

Thanks alot for reading and helping me out spreading the seculars' word. U're the best :)

Susan said...

This is what REPRESSION does. If you repress the Sexual side, it comes out in other nasty forms. Yeah, WE in America have had our share of religious hypocrisy. In ONE case it was Jimmy Swaggart, a Christian Evangelist. Jimmy didn't rape a teenager though. He was married but had sex with a prostitute. Yeah, the ones who speak against it the most, are probably ATTEMPTING to preach to themselves.


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