Friday, April 18, 2008

Yep, They’ve Finally Done That Too

A few weeks ago a model/show hostess named Aysun Kayacı said something in her show which really pissed the members of the leading radical-party AKP. She said that the party came to lead because of the votes of the “low” people. She also said her vote shouldn’t be treated equal with the vote of a shepherd. Of course if nothing else had happened after that, maybe I’d be criticizing her in this post. Because what she said actually makes very small sense. No matter which party she’s addressing, as a TV show host, she doesn’t have the luxury to talk so generally without thinking. No, not because it hurts someone, but because she’d be giving the target of her words a weapon to shoot her back and all the people against AKP. First of all, that “low” people generalization is bound to be wrong since there are millions of people who voted for that party. Secondly, I strongly believe a “shepherd” is above average if you’d sort the citizens in Turkey by “humanity level”.

OK I lied, if nothing else happened, I wouldn’t even be writing about this in here. So what happened after her drastic words was, she was verbally assaulted by some of the AKP politicians in some meetings, being called some stupid child curses like “filthy woman”, “we know how you earn your money”, and the listeners would scream and shout and applaud. Ganging up again. Just like animals. Just like those lunatic evangelists in your countries. Just like crazy Jihadists in some middle eastern countries. And after that she was sued for her words. Umm, so that’s how far your “endless freedom of speech” goes, right? Excuse me but, you are about to change a law which bans insulting Turkey and Turkish history, because your EU wanted it, in the name of free speech. Are you gonna explain how free is our free speech rights? This is bullshit! I’m not a huge fan of “saying whatever is in your mouth” type of free speech, but even I 100% support that, you should at least be able to say what’s in your head, and walkaway without being ganged up on. Yes, what she said was wrong, but she must have the right to say it. She must even have the right to say “modeling is a superior profession, shepherds are totally needless” and walk away with it. Because this is a thought. And THIS is free speech. Just like Turkey is trying to “westernize” itself by importing hamburger and sit-coms, but missing all the aspects which make those countries “modern”. Right about now insulting or lying about Turkish history is ok, but giving opinions about politics, especially AKP, is not.

And “we know how you earn your money”, what-the-FUCK? You really know how she earns it? What is she a prostitute? Or has she done anything to be called a filthy woman? Is she sleeping around? Is she being with married men? Let me tell you why she’s that “filthy woman”. Because she’s a model, right? Because she doesn’t wear her uniform on her hair, because she doesn’t shut up like a woman is supposed to do, right? You had the chance to shoot her with her words by being a decent crowd, but you shot yourselves because you proved everyone how right she is and how some people are nothing but a bunch of sick animals. What did she do to earn her money, did she make scams to steal people’s money? Did she use something as sacred as religion to earn votes and money and power? WE know how YOU earned YOUR money guys.

OK this is just part one till here. Now let’s get physical. Just today I saw on the news that an independent politician named Kamer Genç was physically attacked after his speech and beaten by AKP politicians, in the parliament. And the reason for that is not he said a very strong curse that will make you jump up and attack someone. He didn’t even insult anyone. As far as I saw, he was only opposing one of AKP’s decision, in a strong (but non insulting) way. After his speech was done, they just ganged up on him and attacked him. Of course soon he was protected by the members of the other parties. Yes, this is Turkey. Yes, politicians can physically hurt you if you oppose them. Yes, some fucking retards can watch this and comment that “he had it coming”. Oh you know what? YOU have it coming. You have a battalion of tanks coming in your way. Just continue acting like pricks.

Have a nice day...

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