Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Human Right THIS Assholes!

As you DON’T know, Turkish newspapers are full of sick murder news every day. A recent one seems to concern non-Turkish people as well, especially Italians. An Italian artist, Pippa Bacca was raped and murdered only because of her money and her cell phone during her trip for peace. How ironic isn’t it? Not if you’re living in Turkey. Of course people opened their eyes and got a very small doze of what we live here every day. I don’t know Italian so I’m not sure if they accused Turkey for being unsafe, but if they did, they would be right. No more bullshit to attract tourists, you get them killed anyway. This murder, and shitload of other murders are directly the fault of Turkish politicians. Not only the leading party’s members, but all of them. When are you going to give a fuck? Oh of course now you’re going to, since a European died. I’m sure European Union guys would tell our little prime minister off for not taking care of their citizen. Guess what fuckers, that innocent woman died because of the laws you forced Turkish government to change. Right now Turkey is a heaven for muggers, thieves, murderers, rapists. They either don’t get caught, or don’t get convicted, or get out because of a general pardon. Unlike stupid American cartoons like “Life With Louie” (in which the father tells in Turkey the hand of a thief is cut off) the laws against these crimes are so low, Turkey actually imports criminals. I’m not making any of these up, you can be sure. I saw many times on the news some foreign thieves or burglars saying they came to Turkey cause it’s a risk free job in here.

Oh and EU and “Human Rights Commission” bastards who come and go to Turkey all the time checking the well being of the imprisoned leader of the terrorist organization PKK, are you going to come and check the well being of the rapist and the murderer of Pippa Bacca? Are you going to check if he’s well treated, well fed, well respected? Let me give only one example of what the son of a bitch who happens to be the leader of PKK has done. After they gathered a political party (oh yeah, the terrorist organization has a political party which tricked its way into the parliament, democracy anyone?), he gave the direct order to his terrorists, “Kill anyone in the villages of east who doesn’t vote for our party, including all their family members, including all their animals”. And Monsieurs from EU come and check the well being of this motherfucker because you know, he’s a human and he must be treated right. And he’s the last man on the planet motherfucking Earth who happens to be ill treated. Well well, I guess I can expect your human rights majesty anytime soon since you will definitely wanna know the condition of Pippa Bacca’s murderer right?

Those of you who just met me here can wonder “How can it be only EU’s or Human Rights Commission’s fault? Doesn’t Turkey have a government of its own?” Umm, no it doesn’t. Duh? I’m not even accusing the government cause they are placed there to lead Turkey the way Europe and USA wants. So they’re doing THEIR job really really good, am I wrong? And Turkish people are fooled by the prime minister’s so called “religious” identity. He’s pro-hijab let’s vote for him. I swear I know university students who say “I’ll vote for him because he has fear of God” Yea we are fools, so what? It doesn’t give anyone the right to have an evil plot on our country does it?

You wanna know the root of all the problems not just in Turkey but in all of the middle east? The greed of the imperialist countries. This is the only reason. If those countries were to say “OK I guess it wasn’t worth killing and losing so many people and spending shitload of money for an evil plan, let’s just sit in our countries and hang around” ALL the problems would subside, Islamic terror organizations, crusade calls, PKK, Armenian Genocide accusation, playing with the Turkish government like a tool giving the false hope to accept them in EU. U are being fed bullshit into believing you actually need to invade Iraq for the sake of good because they are so evil. Guess what? It’s the greed, it always was, nothing else.

Have a good day.


Susan said...
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Susan said...

I'm guessing that if you were to try to print this in Turkey, in a newspaper, your life might be in danger.
Is there any newspaper in Turkey that IS NOT controlled by the government, or some oppressive group?

conmech said...

yes, there are just a few actually. "Cumhuriyet" (Republic) was the strongest of these. As you can guess the main writer of the newspaper was just arrested with a fake accusation. I'm glad he was released.
Another one I like is "Yeniçağ" (New Age). This is also nationalist and I like it more cause it's simpler than "Cumhuriyet" lol. Like when someone from Germany parliament tells something stupid, Yeniçağ's headline is: "Dumkopf", hahaha.

LazDamar said...

"Dumkopf" hehehe, I love it.

When Dick Cheney was in town, one of the newspapers referred to him as "Dik Ceneli" hehehe!!!


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