Sunday, May 18, 2008

If Monogamy Was Possible There Wouldn’t Be Whorehouses

Yeah that’s how I feel why are you surprised? This is my right of free speech so you can’t say anything or I’ll sue you to Human Rights commission. It’s my right to ignore Turkish laws and marry 3 women and call the dating girls whores.

OK I give up I couldn’t fool you. You know very well I’m quoting someone else. But before I talk about it let me ask you this. What if I ACTUALLY wrote those sick words, you’d probably say “What the fuck Efe? You’re a blog writer who is read by over ten people, so you should have resposibilities as a writer.” You’d think that right? But unfortunately these words were said by a rich and famous hijab manufacturer in Turkey. Remember I wrote about a hijab fashion show a few weeks ago and said this is NOT the face of secular Kemalist Turks. The organiser of the fashion show is the same guy who said these words. A plague is a plague no matter how rich or strong he is.

So let me translate some of the things this fountain of wisdom has to offer for us mortals.

If monogamy was possible there would be no whorehouses. So every legal thing is right? Why doesn’t anyone say anything to whores or women who sleep with 20 men but they always criticise polygamy? If this thing is permitted in Quran, nobody has the right to forbid it or criticise it or your faith would be damaged.

If you have a ‘need’ you should get married. You should become a husband to all of them and claim all the responsibilities. But these people just use women for pleasure and throw them away when they’re done. Woman is a sacred being which must be respected. There’s so much disrespect to women in this population.

If a woman gets married by her own will can anyone say anything to this?You should respect and treat all your wives the same. Marriage is sacred. Our prophet was given the polygamy right by God. Nobody can strip this God-given right from our prophet. If you are a Muslim, the only person you should care about should be the prophet.

The law says ‘you can work in whorehouses.’ Isn’t it true? Women are legally working as prostitutes in certain hotels. Those women have the right to work, eat, get married, instead they are worked as prostitutes by the government. I just can’t stand it.

I treat equally to all my kids and to all my three wives. They all have their own apartments. I respect infinitely my wives. I love my first wife more than anything in the world. She’s ready to die for me, and me for her. I’m not thinking about a fourth, but God knows...”

Over and over I tell my readers this is not the common thought of Turks. And to my blogs I mostly get supportive comments from Turks, but every once in a while I get losers saying: “We have 47% of the votes so yes we are the majority so shut up” Well excuse me but just because you fuck like jackrabbits and get more in number doesn’t mean you suddenly become the profile of common Turkish citizen. Just to give the simplest example of how ignorant and stupid you are is that most of you bigots hate USA and American citizens to the point of extreme racism, but you go and vote for the party who was created and supported by the American government with the sole purpose of keeping Turkey as a sidekick in the middle-east.

Anyway let’s go back to our wisdom-diarrhea public figure. Everything he says makes alot of sense am I wrong? I mean, it definitely would if I was living in a country where we use women for cattle and men were cattle fucking perverts.

If monogamy was possible there would be no whorehouses” OK here comes my catchphrase, WHAT THE FUCK? First of all this means every married men in Turkey goes to whorehouses. Well I can’t deny that cause I don’t know enough married men to claim they don’t. But from my experience I can say one thing, that 90% of people I know who had business with hookers are radical bigots. There’s no denying it, they go to mosque on Friday and to hookers on the weekend. Why I’m saying this is don’t ever come close to thinking those over religious virtue idols sit in the house all day planning how to be better Muslims. And they also have a good reason to go to whores don’t they, the evil government don’t let them have multiple wives.

Nobody says anything to whores or to women who do it with 20 men” As a bigotologist, I say this is maybe the most common method these guys use. To show the exact opposite of what they are as their alternative. Just because some other people doing some other wrong things don’t make what you do any better. If you’re saying the whorehouses are run by governments, I have a suggestion; let that government record anyone who does business with hookers and let’s see the percentage of which party supporters do it the most. So what I’m saying is, instead of polygamy, there’s another solution to exploding prostitution; DON’T BE A FUCKING PERVERT! Why is it so hard for you? Just find a hobby or a meaning in life, do something instead of earning money. Every man who has money to have multiple wives or go to hookers have the opportunity and money to accomplish something in life. Find that thing and do it. There’s no fucking excuse in the world that you’d be a meaningless person who only knows how to eat sleep and fuck.

I know it’s a shame that even govenments can’t prevent prostitution so they control it. And this exists even in the women stoning Sheria countries. Really, do you see the prostitution ceases to exist where polygamy is legal? HELL NO. But of course everything is done in the ‘right’ way. A man chooses a hooker, he pays her pimp the money, an imam marries them, the guy does his job, and he divorces. So God gets fooled. Well done, you fooled the God. Probably he’ll be too busy on the judgement day and he’ll overlook your file. You know what would be cool? I mean awesome. If God really existed. I really would like to see the faces of the hooker loving bigots, hahaha.

And despite all these, Islam is a beautiful religion. I’m still claiming that. And you don’t have to be a Muslim to see the beauty of Muslim art, Muslim calligraphy, the sound of Ezan, the poetry of Quran. In my childhood being a Muslim was all about being good. A religious person would mean someone who is always calm, who has gotten rid of the materialism of this world, who helps the ones in need, who never swears, never shouts, never even hates, eats hurma, wears rose cologne... And come to think of it, these are not very hard for a real Muslim, not to swear, not to be pissed easily, not to hate. Cause if you really believe there’s a God, you also believe there’s an afterlife, there’s heaven, hell, and this life is nothing but a test. But nowadays it’s all about the looks. The uniform you wear on your head, your foot-long beard, how much you shout at the top of your lungs that you’re the Muslimest Muslim, gathering people like you and ganging up on the ones who are different.

Our prophet was given the polygamy right by God. Nobody can strip this God given right from our prophet.” So you might be wondering if that’s true. The Quran has ‘limited’ the number of wives to 4 because at that time Arabs were having up to 10-15 wives. The same thing is true for hijab also, the Arabic women already used to cover their heads so in Quran it tells to “bring down your headscarves to chest level”. That’s it. Nothing else. So people sexually abusing 14 year old girls can come up and treat hijab or polygamy like the primary objection of Islam. What about lying to others to steal their riches? What about sexually abusing kids? What about physically hurting people for really simple reasons? And you wonder why foreigners think Muslims are perverts. You know it’s the sickest thing to do to manipulate a holy book to do whatever the hell you want or make people live the way you want. It’s just sick.


Susan said...

Efe, great to see you posting again. What percentage of Turks do you think might be thinking along the same lines as you do?

Efe said...

thanks :) I have no idea, but the majority don't worry.

Justyna said...

Hi, I'm suonatar1.
I think it's riddiculous, what that guy said.
If some woman agree to share husband with another woman, that's her bussiness, but every human has something like jelousy inside, and a little bit of egoism, that keeps saying "That one, special person should be just for me." And it's totally normal, that proves that we're not polygamists.
That man would change his mind if he had to share one wife with two or three men.
As for the prostitutes, without demand there wouldn't be supply.

conmech said...

thanks for reading. I agree with what you say. How can polygamy be respect to women?


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