Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I Want My Democracy to Cover the Women

So let’s see what was up when I was away from the world.

As you know there is a law in Turkey where you can’t wear hijab or any other religious clothing like a nun or priest outfit in universities and official buildings. This law is one of the symbol laws which shows this is a secular country. And why is it important to be secular? First of all what is secularism? The bigot party AKP members claim they are secular too, but they define secularism as “freedom of belief”. Well it’s NOT! I support the freedom of belief no matter what, but secularism just doesn’t mean that. It means the separation of government business with divine business. To be more specific, you are free to have any kind of belief you like, but real world is real world, and laws of real world are what counts. In a secular country, there’s no grouping or separation of people by their beliefs or you can’t enforce a law which doesn’t make sense just because some book claims an invisible power wants it. You may get mad at me if you have some kind of a belief, but me saying these words prove once again that the biggest damage to Islam comes from people who claim to be Muslims. There are many secular people in Turkey starting to get pissed at the bigots and moving away from religion altogether. As I remember from religion classes, in Islam one of the signs of the end of the world was “people who are Muslims only by name and nothing else”. When I first heard that I thought it was talking about people like me, who are namely Muslim but don’t do anything about it. Now I know the “Muslims by name” are the bigots who cry out loud all the time claiming how great Muslims they are but they make a whole living by lying and stealing.

So the bigot government decided to change this law claiming they support the “freedom of belief” and “human rights” and “right to get educated”. They did succeed to change the law, but the major court canceled the change because it’s against one of the primary laws in Turkey which (thanks to Atatürk) cannot even be ASKED to change; SECULARISM. You may of course wonder why is it so important for us to ban hijab in universities and why is it important for THEM to get in with hijab. Well, actually it IS important because this is just the beginning of a major plan AKP had since the beginning of their existence; to slowly gather people with the support of money and belief power, and when they have enough voters, try to change more laws in their voters favor. The reason why they got so crazy and aggressive about it was the major court screwed up their long made plan and proved you can’t just gather people to rationalize committing a crime. That again reminded me a video tape the prime minister had which was shot before he became the PM, where he was saying “democracy is a train which we should get on to get to the point we desire and get off wherever needed” NOW do you understand what I’m talking about?

Last week a celebrity made an interview with the prime minister of Turkey which was obviously a setup. In that interview, along with the very important questions like “do u enjoy that women find you attractive?” the celebrity asked the prime minister “so, are you thinking of bringing Sheria to Turkey” and the answer was “nooo, of course not”. OF COURSE NOT, and we all know it. First of all, he can never ever be strong enough for that. Secondly, we all know it is not AKP’s purpose, it never was, we all knew its purpose and we see it so clearly right now, to sell Turkey’s valuable companies and factories and lands to the foreigners bit by bit by bit. Right now we can see it so well, everyday a Turkish bank, a Turkish factory, a Turkish company, a very valuable Turkish mine is being sold to foreigners with incredibly low prices. You keep blaming Atatürk for not being such a good leader, our enemies know his power much better than you. I bet none of you bigots know Atatürk said “you cannot have true independence without being economically independent”. People of Turkey, stop being so confident that no country can harm us cause we have a strong army. In today’s world, the strength of army has maybe 4th or even 5th place in importance of power of a country. The most important thing is MONEY, just like Atatürk himself claimed even though he’s a soldier himself. Other important things are valuable mines, technology, international reputation, education, which all SUCK in Turkey thanks to the government, but it’s not important, cause we’ll have our FREEDOM for covering our heads and looking ridiculous. HUR-FUCKING-RAY!

Of course I’m going to connect this to the Youtube ban in Turkey. Youtube was banned because it contains hate videos against Atatürk. You may wonder what kind of a fuckwit would think of banning a site in his country as a solution to a video which was uploaded from outside. First of all, now we are taken the right to flag the hate speech videos against Turkish values. And we are taken away the right to make responding videos. But of course, for some really narrow headed people, it’s definitely enough to cover your eyes and your ears and move along. Because that’s their solution to pretty much everything. We Turks know very well that the Atatürk assaulting videos are not the true reason. The true reason can actually be one of many.

1) The fact that the prime minister’s and his allies’ long forgotten videos are being uploaded and can be watched from everywhere.

2) The fact that for the first time Turkish people can reach good quality entertainment made by amateurs for free instead of watching those stupid TV shows made by stupid media bosses with huge bellies

3) The fact that now there are a few Turkish imitations of Youtube, but of course under the heavy control of the government, and they don’t like competition

It’s so strange because one of the reasons Youtube was banned was “it contains sexually explicit material” But did you know the porn sites are not banned, and even the ones which are banned you can access them by OPENDNS servers. Wow, Youtube must be a really fiendish porn site. And in many internet sites I see comments like “what’s so special about Youtube anyway? Just don’t watch it what’s the big deal?” Well let me ask you this, you enter the university without that piece of fabric covering your head, what’s the big deal? This is having information and news which I will never ever see on Turkish channels, and that is a piece of FABRIC. Oh yeah you heard me right, it is a piece of fabric. It’s not something holy, it’s something created by humans. What are you gonna do, shoot me too? Wake the FUCK up, the emperor is fucking naked brushing his collosal cock on your face!

Have a nice day...


Lex said...

Dang, you sure ended that one on an angry note! I don't blame you at all, I just like your rendition of the "Emperor's New Clothes", cock and all.

This is the crux of so many issues though, sadly, that what is so unimportant to one group is pursued in terms of law and government by others. Keeping the theocrats out of government is going to be a challenge both here (U.S.) and in Turkey, though it may take them less time there. I don't have high hopes for my nation either though, to be honest. After all, after 300 some-odd years of feeding Christians to lions and various other horrible executions even the Roman Empire chose Christianity as its official religion.

Things can change, frequently for the worse. Then again, those prophecies about the world ending in 2012? Maybe these fuckers just won't have enough time, eh? LOL

conmech said...

hey where have you been? Thanks for the comment. But I strongly believe Bush is better than our prime minister, yes, I daresay that, lol.

Lex said...

Yep, well, that's saying a LOT. And not anything good about your country....LOL.

Susan said...

As usual your metaphors are funny yet eye-opening all at the same time. *Raises Glass* LONG LIVE TURKEY's ORIGINAL SECULARISM! I hope the corrupt one's NEVER succeed in changing the definition.
Also I hope you keep your access to youtube. It is odd, the double standard with the porn being allowed and yet youtube being banned.

conmech said...

Thanks for reading. Sorry I was in the summerhouse so I just saw your comment :)


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