Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Guess Who’s Back With a Brand New RaP

No, I’m afraid I’m not talking about myself. But a true, honorable, Very Important Person is coming back to Turkey because after years of ongoing lawsuits, he was finally found “innocent”. Ladies and gentleman, I give you Fethullah Gülen! The one person on top of this Islamic money cult, the person who’s above the prime minister and the president (because he was one of the major supporters and the reason this Islamic party is in the lead). Seems to me that our prime minister didn’t “get off the democracy train” yet (read my previous blogs), cause he keeps using his broken-record freestyle “we’re doing this in the name of democracy, we can do that cause 47% of Turkish people support us”. And now we’re inviting the mastermind of the Islam capitalist cult move to Turkey who was harboured in the good old USA, and it was right about time, right? No wonder he had chosen USA to hide since his understanding of spreading democracy corresponds with the democracy which is being spreaded in Iraq. He is the major disease of Turkey which grew slowly but surely suck on the beliefs of weak minded people and brainwash the young ones to gather more people on his side. I’m afraid he can even be elected as the prime minister next time we have elections. It’s very possible in a country where a huge percentage of people think with their...well I couldn’t find a proper organ to symbolize. When that happens, we’re officially FUCKED UP, and goodbye to the Atatürk’s secular Turkish Republic and welcome “Bush’s Little Bitch Republic”.

Yeah I know I’m being myself again, jumping on a train of thought before I even tell you who this guy is and what he’s accused with, but then again, it’s 2AM, my active hour, and I’m high on caffeine. And I’m listening to Eminem.

Mr Gülen (meaning “Smiler”) had been accused with building an Islamic terrorist organisation. I had seen many books about his connections with CIA and how he gets his power from the USA. I don’t know if he was really innocent about the terrorist organisation part, but everyone including his cultists know he’s the ONE, the archhodja, USA’s most important man inside Turkey. When I say archhodja, you may think of him as one of those jihadist terrorists wearing a white sheet and a meter long beard. Well if you do, you should take a break from watching “24” and come back to real life. Because he’s little more than George Bush going Muslim. He has missionary schools in almost all of the poor countries where there are Christian missions. He has stupendous money and manpower enough to “choose” which party gets to seize the lead in Turkey. It’s a terrifying fact that almost everytime the party he supported won in Turkey ever since my childhood. Not just the radical Islamist parties, but many (mostly right wing) parties were in a competition to get him on their side. And we’re talking about democracy. Atatürk had a very good reason when he decided not to bring democracy after his two trials. On both of his trials, the first parties founded after Atatürk’s party were “saliva beard” parties. Saliva beards existed before Turkish Republic, and it seems to me that they will keep existing until someone comes with a brilliant Darwinist idea which will eliminate stupid people, like a clockwork god who will order the good religious people to jump from high places if they wanna go to heaven and seize the early privilige to have sex with 72 virgins. Bottom line, YOU CANNOT HAVE DEMOCRACY IN A COUNTRY WHICH IS FULL OF CULT LEADERS AND LOCAL LORDS. You cannot have democracy in a country where many women can’t oppose the choice of their husbands and the husbands can’t oppose the choice of their bosses who can’t oppose their cult hodjas who can’t oppose Mr Smiley who gets to choose to support the higher bitter.

Oh you may tell me to read the books about Mr Smiler & CIA or even talk to the authors of the books. But I’m afraid it’s not possible, because they’re DEAD. The greatest investigator/writers of Turkey, Uğur Mumcu, Ahmet Taner Kışlalı, and Necip Hablemitoğlu were all assasinated and the murderers were never found. They had written books and articles about Mr Smiler, radical Islamists and cults before they were killed.

Another not-so-strange thing about the Smiler cult is that I used to know quite a few Americans who were “religious enough” to be republicans. And despite the standard republican bullshit (like “Islam is a threat to the world”) they all seemed fine with Mr Smiler and his cult and his website. Which is completely understandable, since Bush-Christians and Smiler-Muslims have similar goals and need to help each other out. Religion? Don’t be silly, you’re digressing to “24” again. They serve a much greater good (snemoneyeze).

And since you’re used to my scattered, mouth-diarrea style blogs you’d expect me to write you right about now how the hell did Mr Smiler manage to come clean out of the shitload of accusasions. Well, elementary Dr Watson, because there’s a general law which is above all laws and valid in every country, written on every lawbook;

“If you are a rich bastard, you can do whatever the hell you want and getaway with it.”

By the way, I realized you can’t sneeze saying “money”. You can cough though...


Susan said...

I saw your comments regarding the rights of women. ;-)
It reminded me of a bumper sticker, and I'm trying to remember the words.
it said something like
********THIS IS A GOOD ONE*******
"a civilization can rise no higher than the status of its women"
If you want to use that quote in another one of your writings, go ahead. But I'm not the genius that came up with that one. ;-)

conmech said...

lol thanks for the quote and for reading :)


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