Friday, June 27, 2008

I’m So Clever I Can Fool God!

A few months ago one of the secular (but quite crazy) reporters of Turkey, Ayşe Arman pointed out some of the billboards on the streets of İstanbul with huge advertisements. They were the advertisements of a hijab manufacturer with a foreign looking woman wearing hijab and smiling, and underneath saying “wearing is good”. Apparently our reporter got crazy at these billboards, saying “You’re banning billboards with bikini women but this is completely fine with you? So we’re naked just because we’re not covering our hair?” Thus she started a train of arguments. Conservatives argued with their standard arsenal (what, u were expecting creativity from them?), like:

“We’re not allowed in universities because we’re good Muslims (meaning hijab) and you’re just pissed at a billboard?” or

“Just like you are disturbed by hijab advertisements we are disturbed by bikini advertisements, so what’s the big deal?”

I have made my point about these arguments on my previous blogs and Youtube videos so I won’t get into that. What I wanna point out is, those billboards and the advertisements of the hijab manufacturer. As you can see from the photos, the model is a real hot woman, with all the cosmetics applied on her face and a full set of makeup. What was the purpose of covering your hair again? Say what? Not to attract attention from men? OK let’s say we’re living in a dimension where it’s not a sin or a crime for a man to sexually abuse or harass a woman, but it is the woman’s job to look as unattractive as possible. Now look at the photos of the ad women again, WHAT THE FUCK? Seriously, if my non-Muslim girlfriend and that hijab model would walk on a standard street in Turkey, the good Muslim hijab woman would get all the attention and “compliments”. Of course your first thought would be “Oh come on that’s just an advertising girl. You can’t see girls like that on the street.” Well, that only means you haven’t gone to İstanbul. Apart from the famous internet photos of “hot” hijab girls, I’ve seen those “mutated-Muslim” girls myself, young ones with mini skirts and older ones with two clownfuls of makeup. So can you make this clear for me please, I thought your god was ordering women to be unattractive, now he changed his mind again? He’s saying “OK what the hell just cover your hair the rest is not important”. Oh wait! Now I know, since the god is above us he can only look from above and see your heads. Oh you’re so clever, I could never think of that.

There’s also a certain group of girls in Turkey, especially in İstanbul, girls who dress really “bravely”, with a hijab on top. On my last visit to İstanbul I saw 2 hijab girls with mini skirts and sexy pantyhose in 2 days, they looked so alike that they could be the same person. This group of girls receive so much hate from both secular and conservative sides, there’s even a facebook group of people who want to smack them. But come on, chill out and look at those young girls objectively and try to think of a reason for their behavior. Can they be trying to fool god into heaven, or belong to a cult or somth? They’re young girls for god’s sake, the only reason they’re dressed like this is they’re being forced to wear hijab because of their families or schools. Speaking of schools, can “we wanna wear hijab in universities” people tell me if a girl wants to join a religious school without hijab what happens? No there’s no law they should wear hijab in those schools, and a few girls even attended those schools without hijab, but they were forced by their classmates and their teachers, harrassed and assaulted. Why am I telling you this? Because I know sooooooooooooooooo well that they support freedom/human rights unless they have the power.

So I guess your god isn’t good at math either. Deliberately lie to people, earn money from the most illegal ways, sell your country to foreigners, swear at anyone who opposes you like your mouth is full with a swarm of locust, and even sexually abuse 14 year old girls, then cut a few sheep, go to mosque, wear hijab and of course vote for conservative parties and suddenly it’s all better? Drink alcohol all year and do every lowest shit possible but stop drinking in Ramadan and it’s all good? Cause god only comes to inspection at that time period? Wow I love your religion! Can you take me inside please? I wanna be an AKP-Muslim too.

By the way, since AKP is facing closure, they stopped ordering banners and fliers, and they’re even thinking of symbols for their new party. I can give u an idea. How about the photo of that woman from the ad? The hijab woman with the crapload of makeup, because that’s EXACTLY what AKP is; a hijab woman with a crapload of makeup.

Have a nice day...


Justyna said...

That's hipocrisy.
We have a similar "background stars". Back in winter I saw 14 year old girl walking out of shool(!). She was wearing skirt so short, that you could almost see her pants, and black, leather knee-length boots with high heel.
Recently I saw a young girl wearing mini-skirt and exposing her arms, she was walking into a church. I'm not a big catholic and maybe my view is a bit old school, but it's just innapropriate.
I'm asking myself where are parents of that girls?

Susan said...

I Love your outward BOLDNESS Efe!
Please don't stop writing your veiws.

conmech said...

lol thanks for your comments. You're right. As far as I know, these people exist everywhere...


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