Thursday, July 10, 2008

Tayyip Erdoğan and the Order of the Phoenix

You’re so lucky to be reading me cause you’re reading live history from the first hand Turkish citizen. The third wave arresting the secular Kemalists has begun, and among the arresteds there are ex-generals, Kemalist businessmen and some of the most important Kemalist writers of Turkey. What they’re being accused of is “making a terrorist organisation to convince the military to make a coup”. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights of this bullshit:

* One of the so called “financers of the organization”, a businessman was arrested about a year ago in the first wave of the arrests. Since he didn’t even come to the court to defend himself (because the accusations didn’t get ready for a year) he died of cancer without knowing what was the actual accusation. The irony is that his family couldn’t even afford for a vehicle to carry the coffin of the “financer”.

* He’s not the only one who waited for a year in jail just to find out what the accusation is. There are many people including a writer who wrote about the prime minister Tayyip Erdoğan and his right arm the president Abdullah Gül, about how they’re related to USA and its sinister plans in Turkey. They’re just in jail, without a trial and without knowing what the accusation is, cause for over a year, the arrests of this imaginary organisation is not completed to start the trial.

* Remember while the closing lawsuit of the conservative party AKP was in progress, the AKP members went as far as inviting the queen of England and telling her that the Turkish court is being unfair to them. I was used to USA parliamenters or EU members making comments about how Turkish justice should work, but the queen of England?

Anyway yesterday I saw the same AKP members going on TV and saying “We shouldn’t interfere with Turkish justice system”. One of the bastards went as far as saying “Turkey is cleaning its intestines”. Yeah, don’t worry, Turkey will clean its intestines for real, into your mouth. If those patriots who do nothing but try to stop the conservative party from selling our country bit by bit to foreigners are shit, then you’re soon going to eat that shit...

* Of course we first thought this organization could be for real, like the “Order of the Phoenix” to gather the best brains of Turkey to defeat the foremost enemy, the mollas in the government. But even that is not true because the accused people say it’s not, and they’re real Muslims so they don’t lie like the AKP-Muslims, or as they state themselves; “mild-Muslims”. It wouldn’t matter if that organization really existed, actually knowing the members of it, I would like to register myself in too.

* Another reason I believe it’s an imaginary gang is an incident which happened on the third wave of arrests and searches which occurred a few days ago. A few days before the arrests, a businessman had a water heater problem in the bathroom of his workplace. He couldn’t understand why it wasn’t working anymore so he called a plumber to take care of it. When the plumber opened the heater he found an assasin gun inside the heater. The businessman gave the gun to the police and asked a report from it. A few days later the police came to the workplace, arrested the businessman and searched the inside of the workplace. Thank god they are stupid as well as sinister, they couldn’t figure out that the heater was bound to malfunction and the plumber was bound to come and open it.

* Right now you see a clear cut between secular Kemalist Turks and radical Islamist USA suckups. Slowly a war is starting between this authority force and patriots who want freedom. From time to time I get the chance to discuss with one of AKP lovers. Although I look quite insane on my blogs, I’m a reasonable person and I wanna find out who’s right instead of dictating my ideas to the opposite side. But the problem is, from the opposite side all I get is complete bullshit, obvious lies which you can only believe if you’re out of this planet AND you haven’t opened up the cover of any book. I wanna find out why some people on the street support being the wife of USA, or wanna get inside an organization who support the terrorists who kill their children (EU). They can’t even accept this fact to begin with. How stupid do you have to be not to realize AKP is selling Turkey to USA? How stupid do you have to be? It’s not past or history or something, it’s present, it’s happening today, this hour, right now. They can’t explain why even though Fethullah Gülen utters the word Islam in every one out of his two words, but stays in USA instead of an Arabic country with Sheria law.

Seriously, if anyone is willing to give me more than utter crap, I’m here to listen...

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