Sunday, July 20, 2008

Who’s Reading Me?

Till now I strongly believed I was writing the blogs for myself and 2-3 people who know me. And for the last post I entered there were 0 comments. But it didn’t matter cause my first purpose is to get it out of my system. I also thought if I write enough I can make it into a book so I’ll have a second book. But apparently there are people who reads me, a lot more than I thought. I received a mail from an American professor saying he’s a fan of mine. A fan? A professor? Then I checked my counter and it’s saying 729! Who’s reading me for God’s Sake? Some sinister group who wants to gather information about me so that they can arrest me for being a member of the imaginary “Ergenekon” organization?

My point is, if you’re not a member of a sinister organization plotting an evil plan on me, drop me a line for every post u read. How hard can it be? Just write “cool” or “lol” so I’ll know you are reading me. You don’t even have to sign in or something.

The professor who likes my blog is the father of a Youtube friend of mine. What’s special about him is he’s also a blog writer and he’s visiting Turkey right now. I think it’s about his job, visiting foreign countries and giving opinions. He also said he would like to have an interview with me. I think it’s an awesome opportunity to make myself heard (and read) to more people, especially foreigners. He also asked me to forgive him for being American. I never hated anyone for being an American. In fact, more than half of my foreigner friends and people who like me are Americans, both from Youtube and from real life. This evil we’re fighting against has no border or no nationality. It’s just led by Bush and his crew, as far as I know, but definitely it’s a huge cluster of conservative parties. The very first job they pulled was hijacking religion anyway. Right now they’ve gone as far as allying with terrorists to serve their purpose. When I was a little boy terrorist meant evil. But now it’s completely okay to support someone who shoots babies, torches innocent people alive in shopping malls, burns forests, bombs children exploding them into blood and guts, because they serve your purpose. Can you see how sick those motherfuckers are? Therefore since there’s no nationality for evil, there shouldn’t be nationality for US good people (I said US, not U.S.). All people who love and care about their own country should get together and fight against the real sinister evil. Right now Turkey is getting screwed up for a really stupid and small reason, to have a supporter and a base for USA army in the middle east. It’s like that movie “Hitchhiker’s Guide to Galaxy” where they blast Earth to make a highway.

Mr Wade (the man who wants to interview with me) also says I write my blogs infrequently. It’s not because I’m lazy or there’s nothing to write. On the contrary, there’s hell of alot to write. But I used to write less since nobody was reading anyway. This is why it’s important for me to know who and how many are reading me. Although I’m never gonna give up writing even nobody reads me, because as far as I know, I’m the only guy who writes an English blog talking truly from first hand about what’s going on in Turkey and relating it to the global events. So I have to keep doing this, because I’m the only source for the information you’d like to find about Turkey. I know it because I wanted my Australian YT Celebrity friend Angryaussie to make a video about the 78 year old bigot/rapist Hüseyin Üzmez and I tried to find an official English source for him to use, but there was none. So he used my blog like the webpage of a newspaper. By the way, here’s that video. Have a nice day...

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