Monday, August 25, 2008

Have a Nice Day...

Hi to anyone who happens to read this.

As a strange person I am, and despite the fact that I’m jobless, I realized that I can’t find time to do... pretty much anything. I can’t continue trying to do everything at once. I can’t find time to continue making Youtube videos even though it was my dream to be recognized one day somehow. I just shot the loooong video and it’s another month ahead of me probably to try to finish it. Besides, I’m using After Effects illegally on my videos. There I said it, so you can sue me and send me to jail since I got no money to give anyway. I’m not earning any money from the videos I make so I don’t feel guilty although I may actually be. If I somehow did make money from my videos, the first thing I’d do would be to buy a license.

I can’t continue writing my D&D adventure book. I couldn't make a comeback to chess by watching Josh Waitzkin’s new tutorials. I can’t study astronomy well cause I can’t find time from everything else and there’s a good chance that I’ll fail the entrance test to Astronomy faculty. And I can’t workout anymore and I’m getting fat. No, actually I already am fat and I’m not getting any less fat these days. I already gave up writing my military journal and now I’ll give up writing blogs for a while since it’s not giving me any result at all. Why would I ever care what other people think about my country? I live in a country where stupid fucking morons are the biggest group of all, meaning we are doomed anyway. That’s why everyday more brains move away to other countries, and that’s why the government doesn’t care, because they only care about the stupid group which they can easily control. Even if I DO write any blogs, it will be quite infrequent.

Anyway, I think I should try to go to sleep again, it’s 2:20 A.M. Have I told you I got an English test tomorrow and I have to get up at 8? Only if I could sleep.

Have a nice day...


OnurT said...

Sen bi ara Türkçe Vloglar yap, İngilizce altyazılı olsun.

Anonymous said...

It's a testimony of the fascist tyranny that's rising in Turkey if politics prevented you from sleeping the morning you have an English-language examination, and work on the things you need to peacefully.

However, the best slaves are those who think they're free!

Turks still have the spirit of free pigeons and certainly moral obligation to liberate their nation, and certainly at this point we still aren't so bad off as many others but we have to act in order not to become slaves ourself and save our enslaved countrymen ! (& punish the collaborators of Hitler-Erdogan's regime!!)

Please don't despair. (if you do at all)


Ken Wade said...

Dear Fellow Readers,

I'm Ken Wade, the VT professor who also reads this blog regularly, and I think Efe is a very brave and outspoken young writer.

I just wanted to respond to Efe's comments about freedom of speech in Turkey.
Obviously, there is freedom because Efe certainly doesn't hold back with his opinions. I refrained from saying anything unkind while I was exploring this beautiful country because of respect, not for fear that I would be jailed or bothered by the authorities.

My writing style is what we call "tongue-in-cheek" in English. It means I say silly things to make people smile.

I "warned" my American readers about taxi drivers and people who might try to overcharge tourists, but I wasn't implying that all Turks are like that.

America has more than its share of scam artists and swindlers; I just wanted Americans to know they shouldn't be TOO trusting, no matter where they travel.

I hope to come back to Turkey someday with my wife and daughters but, until then, does anyone want a free phone card? It has over 44 units on it. [g]

Take care,

Ken Wade

conmech said...

Mr Wade you can be sure that I'd be in a lot of trouble if people exposed my blogs in Turkey :)
And who is Deniz?

Anonymous said...

Dear Conmech, I don't have a blog, and my familiar tone in my first note was not appropriate, but I was but touched by your post and had to express my support and ever increasing frustration with the Wahhabi-Terrorists of the AKP.

The fact that you feel you could be in trouble would your writings be exposed in Turkey is another sign of the alarming situation. But if ever you happen to be in trouble please share it here and expose their faces.

best regards,

conmech said...

thx. I think I will be writing more blogs since I officially am jobless once again.


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