Monday, August 25, 2008

Three-Oh-One SO DOESN’T Exist!

I just read the blog of Prof. Ken Wade from Champlain College. I had told you about him before and his visit in Turkey. In his blogs he was always talking about the good sides of Turkey. I realised why he was only telling about the good sides and not telling the things he had told me on his visit. Apparently he was suspicious that he would be sent to jail for telling the bad sides. Wow, OK now I HAVE TO write something about this, because there’s a huge amount of disinformation going on. This actually is not just a response to his blog, because I keep seeing these untrue statements in many foreign channels. I know Mr Wade didn’t write those lines puposely trying to give false reputation of Turkey. I’m pretty sure he was falsely informed by a foreigner who thought he knew Turkey well, or even a Turkish citizen who doesn’t even know the very country he lives in. You can read Mr Wade’s post here.

First of all, he said he was afraid he could go to jail for stating something bad about Turkey. And he stated the famous Turkish law (301) which everyone picks on every time they have a chance. The law is that you go to jail if you insult Turkey, or Turks, or being a Turk, etc. And on the foreign media like Al Jazeera, it just pisses me off to see the reporters pointing out this law and saying “You should be careful on what you say in Turkey or you might end up in jail.” Really? Seriously? Then show me one person in jail who went inside because of this law. NONE.

Of course they’re implying the Orhan Pamuk bastard who won a Nobel prize with a plagiarised novel. He did go to trial and to the court, but even HE was not sent to prison. Other than him I recall Elif Şafak going to trial for writing about how Turks genocided the innocent Armenians in one of her books, and of course she came out clean as well. And what happened after that? Elif Şafak made bestseller with her book because of the “lawsuit” event, and Orhan Pamuk won the Nobel Prize of literature and 1.5 million dollars.

And these two were the extreme examples. It just shocks my nerves with electricity whenever I see news about how people can go to jail for saying something wrong in Turkey. It shocks my fucking nerves! Because no country in Europe or America is so stupidly free of saying whatever the bullshit you want. You think I’m still talking about Elif and Orhan? To hell with those losers, I’m talking about the bastards who gather around in the name of celebrating Labor Day, or protest against nuclear plants, or Women’s Day, or DTP meeting, and start shouting for PKK and Apo! Can an American tell me what would happen in USA if a bunch of people had Osama Bin Laden’s banners in their hands and making speeches that Osama is a great leader? What if an American political party did this? Like the democrats making meetings and saying “We believe Osama killed those people because Americans treat Muslims so terribly. So it’s the ‘Muslims’ right to retaliate” Right now people say these things for PKK in Turkey and even THEY don’t go to jail or something. It’s always an investigation starting about them which never ends. If you wanna read more about this, read my “Freedom to Murder” post.

And Prof. Wade also asked me about a singer who got thrown to jail for telling she wouldn’t let her sons go to army if she had any. I really don’t know who are giving you these terribly untrue informations but it just can’t be someone who misunderstood the news with his/her limited Turkish. It must be someone who hates Turks and Muslims starting an imaginary news report and telling that to other people as if it actually happened or spam mailing them, and people telling other people, and before you know you think you saw it on the FOX news. Or simply, you DO see it in the FOX news. That woman was one of the hundreds of people who had an investigation opened and SHE NEVER EVEN WENT TO THE COURT!

And of course you might wanna know what she said that got her in trouble. After more soldiers died in battles against the terrorists, she protested it and said “We’re not having children so that they can go to the mountain and die there. I woudn’t send my children to battle if I had any (or maybe she said “to army” instead of “to battle”, I don’t remember well).” And she received so much hate from common people and common nationalists. If you ask my opinion, I completely agree with what she said. So if anyone’s gonna hate her for that, they can hate me too.

The bad part is, people snarled at her saying “So you mean your children are better than the children of commoners?” She was trying to protect your rights you idiots! You know why I DO agree with her even though I support the Turkish military? Because what she’s saying is true. The soldiers are dying for nothing! And so few people use their own brains to come to this conclusion. I wouldn’t want to send my children to that battle either. The soldiers go to mountains, get shot by terrorists which are also Turkish citizens and die, and Pierre or Pascal or Johnny is watching the news from his warm house from far far away seeing that his plan worked well and Turks are killing Turks. Or the soldiers go to mountains, spend millions of dollars for each operation, and kill the terrorists which are also Turkish citizens, and Pierre or Johnny looks at TV and sees his plans works well and Turks are spending millions to kill other Turks. This is why I support both the military and the woman protesting it. Because the Turkish military is the only foundation in Turkey I can think of which does whatever it’s supposed to do, fighting off enemies. Turkey is drowning under a flood of terror and the only thing the army can do is to throw the water out with the bucket. The politicians on the other hand, are sitting near the running tap but don’t care to turn it off. They know the supporters of PKK, the financers and the real leaders. But can’t do anything to them. They can’t even put Apo in a regular prison because his Devil’s Advocates would tell us off to the human rights commision that “Mr Öcalan is being imprisoned under inhumane conditions”. See? It all comes down to the politicians being complete pussies. Why would I send my son to die on a mountain if the government is scared of the European Union to stop this terror? We grew up with the “Soldiers are dying on the east so that the rest of the Turkish citizens can live comfortably” tale. No. The soldiers are dying. Period. Because no matter how many terrorists we kill, as long as we can’t stop the real enemy who transform the peasants into terrorists, there will always be more terrorists and more dead soliders and civilians. I saw the commandos, talked to them, shared their lives. They are so alone. They simply have nobody except a mom and dad. Of course nobody cares if he dies alone suffering on that mountain. But everybody cares about the well being of “Mr. Öcalan” and his human rights. Has anyone told you that violence is the answer? Apo is simply being rewarded for killing the innocent civilians, women, babies of an “enemy country”. European Union has full protection for him and they won’t even let anyone spit on him, because you know, they care so much about the human rights.

Anyway where was I before I snapped? The only support to the singer woman unfortunately came from the PKK’s political party DTP, and the “Denial by Conscience” organization. The Denial by Conscience group is briefly a bunch of pussies who want to runaway from the military service with the stupid excuse of “we like peace, we don’t wanna kill, murder, blabla”. Fucking pussies. I spent 5 months and 5 days in the military and I never shot at anything live, just like most of the guys who give the military service. Not wanting to kill anyone is so not the reason they’re escaping from the army and everyone knows it. It’s just they can’t take that discipline life where you get to DO stuff like cleaning or training because they’re so used with sitting on their mommies’ laps, and not getting anything done except talking crap. That’s why they don’t wanna go to the military. Other than these groups, I don’t recall a nationalist organization supporting the words of the singer.

And finally, my thoughts about the law 301. I’m against all of the “shutting people up if we don’t like what they say” laws no matter how stupid what people say is and how screwed up they are. It’s true that the freedom of speech is drastically abused by the payed writers, because instead of expressing what they think, they’re simply telling bullshit with the sole purpose of screwing Turkey’s reputation and earning money out of it. But Turkey is using a very wrong policy against them. Because what people like Elif Şafak and Orhan Pamuk want is exactly what the government is doing. Trying to shut them up, starting and investigation and screwing it all over, so that they become pubic heroes, I mean, public heroes (and you’re totally gonna buy that I accidentally wrote “pubic” and decided not to use Backspace). Telling bullshit and facing physical force as a result is exactly what they want cause they actually got nothing to back up their ideas. What I believe is that instead of forcing them to shut up, they should be forced to TALK. They should be invited to TV programs and discuss their ideas with the opposing people. You will see almost none of them would accept that, and people would lose the belief in them. No matter what they believe, even the ones who want to justify the actions of PKK should be put on a program with an opposing person so we’d easily see the level of the bullshit they’re saying. You can’t shut up people, because there are millions with the same ideas. So you can shut up the stupid ideas with these types of programs.

So you’re gonna conclude that the press is free in Turkey? HEEEEEYYYYL NOO! Are u on drugs again like every time you read my blogs? No there’s no actual law which stops or limits the press, but the government does it illegally. Yeah, you heard me right. Every secular nationalist Kemalist gets punished according to their “threat levels”, which can be being fired from their newspaper or being labeled as a terrorist. I’m not making this up or exaggerating it. And I know this is serious. The most rated TV channels and newspapers of Turkey has already been bought by the government’s men. And right now anyone who talks against them in a high decibel, anyone who exposes any of the government’s corruptions quickly gets a “Member of the Ergenekon terrorist group” label and is thrown to jail, without even a trial. Right now there are more than 10 people who are waiting for the a trial in prison for over a year. The trial is not going to start because there’s no slightly considerable evidence that this organization even exists, so they have to let the prisoners go as soon as the trial starts. One of the prisoners even DIED in jail because of cancer waiting for the trial. And nobody ever points these out. It’s always that Orhan Pamuk and other losers who make a living accusing Turkey. On the other hand no foreign media source speaks of how AKP opposers are being treated and labeled as terrorists and accused with many filthy stuff (the top generals being accused of being PKK allies, the best secular writers being accused of bombing his own newspaper, a secular religious writer having an affair with her coworker, etc) by the government’s multiple channels with no evidence whatsoever.

Yes there is no free press in Turkey, but it’s far more different than you think and far more fucked up than you can ever imagine.

Have a nice day...

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