Saturday, September 13, 2008

Because You Deserve It

Yea yea I’m back bitchez, bla bla, drum roll.

Actually ever since I got rejected from Astronomy post-university program because the teachers didn’t believe I should be able to pass because of the “system”, I happen to have a lot of free time. So I think I’ll be able to post blogs every once in a while.

This 9/11 was the 9/11 of the conservative bigots. Yea I know it’s not right to compare the death of thousands of innocents with a lethal blow on the heart of the Islamic Money Empire, or as we call it, “Green Capital”. But the two similarities is that it happened on 9/11 and it actually is a blow which started a chain reaction which might collapse a considerable portion of the money empire of the conservatives.

It all started when the German police found out that the Germany located charity-foundation named “Deniz Feneri” (meaning “lighthouse”) happens to steal millions of dollars and also sends the portion of the money to the Turkish charity with the same name. And that’s the reason it’s a big strike right on the skull, because this time it’s the German court and there’s no way the bigots can lie or threaten or suppress them. Many people from right inside the leading conservative party AKP are being accused in this scandal. What the scandal’s about is the standard filthy stuff which bigots have a habit to do; to show themselves as a “religious” charity, to get donations from religious people with the promise of giving them to poor people. I had seen the TV Shows of the lighthouse-charity in a radical religious channel called “Kanal 7”, people going from villages to villages, giving poor people money, clothing, food, paying their bills (and probably telling them which party to vote for). And people watching were appreciating them. When are you guys gonna learn: “If it’s bigot, then it’s... (what’s a word that rhymes)” anyway you get the idea. If conservatives are doing something, it’s never ever out of good will or to help someone else. When are you gonna learn that they think about nobody else but their own polished fluffy asses? Until this scandal I was thinking that they were helping the poor so that they could get votes out of them. Man was I so naive. They turn out to be helping people “only” from the TV shows and completely ignoring the others (as the witnesses stated). And they were keeping the millions of dollars for themselves to pass on to their channels (Kanal 7), their newspapers, their companies.

What they were doing is so sick and wrong in so many levels. They were scamming while buying the donation-food and billing them, scamming while keeping record of their expenses (actually keeping two records, one is the real record and the other one is the official record to show the authorities), and they were illegally transferring millions of dollars of this money which were gained by playing the religion card. Want a challenge? Tell me something more filthy, more abominable than building a money empire out of the good wills of religious people telling them you’re gonna give that money to the poor people in need? Come on I’m serious, think about it. How about sexually abusing a young girl with the promise to give her family a job and having sex with her mom and writing religious articles and calling secular people filthy stuff at the same time? Oh wait they already did that. OK how about... no they did that too.

This is not over yet. The only major media boss who is not the man of the prime minister anymore put this scandal on his newspaper. After that the prime minister Tayyip Erdoğan lost his shit and started talking literally trash (ok maybe not literally) about the media boss, and THREATENED him that if he doesn’t stop writing news about him in a week, he’s going to tell all the filthy things about the media boss. Wait a second, knowing the crime someone (the media boss in this case) committed and not telling it, is a crime too am I wrong? And openly blackmailing someone is what? And as a prime minister why the hell are you protecting these scammers, let me guess because you have connections with them right (as a matter of fact, yes indeed, a relative of him is involved).

You know what really pisses me off? One of the major actors of this scandal is the chairman of the RTÜK (The supreme foundation of radio and television). It’s the organization which decides which program is appropriate for us small people and which is not. And in the last 10 years, the Turkish television went all the way back to Ottoman Sheria times. First it started by censoring the sex scenes, then bloody scenes, then any violent scenes, right now they are blurring out the cigarettes, drinks and any brand names. Just guess how it would be if all those things were blurred out in TV series and movies you watch. It’s an ass, that’s what it is. And they would give punishments to any channel by closing them down for 1-2 days most of the time for the reason of “making inappropriate shows which doesn’t fit the traditional Turkish family structure”. WHAT THE FUCK IS A TRADITIONAL TURKISH FAMILY STRUCTURE? And are you bastard who steals money from religious people going to tell us what is appropriate?

And you think AKP is going to lose next election after all these people being exposed and labeled as thieves? Of course not! You still think people vote according to what their brains tell them to do? Ever since 2002, there’s always enough number of people who are going to vote for AKP to make them get the lead. Because for them AKP is “the party of Muslims” so they don’t even have to think about who to vote. It’s like they’re an immigrant race and AKP is the only party who represents that particular race. The conservative empire worked so hard to brainwash enough people in courses, schools, to make them completely alienated to their own country. In other words, we have enough number of brainless people who are completely ok with working their asses off and not getting what they deserve because the government sucks their blood, or losing one of their 10 children to terror and keep losing them because the government they trust is not going to do anything about it. Of course as long as they can go to mosques and wear hijab and get charity money before elections. And it’s not going to get better, they are not going to get more educated or more sophisticated or more questioning or more intelligent. They’re just gonna get... more.

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Susan said...

More Turks need to see what you are writing.... I just hope the government doesn't try to censor you.

conmech said...

hope so lol.


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