Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Of Course Violence IS the Answer

The hardest part of the military for me was to cope with some of the privates. Us sergeants are in such a shitty position that we’re the superior of privates but not their commanders, which means we’re responsible for them but don’t have the right to give orders. Of course that was in the barracks I was in, the procedure is different in every location. In the barracks I was in being a sergeant meant being stuck with some soldiers with infinite inferiority complex who are superior to somebody for the first time in their lives. Even though it was the minority of all the privates, it was enough to cause pain in the ass. Every day I was being insulted and pushed around by one of them. And I wasn’t doing anything in return at all cause the thing I was scared the most was to get in trouble and extend my military service time. But as my days got lesser, some bastards started pushing me even harder and finally one day I snapped and took on the biggest bully in the place. In 10 seconds the fight was broken up but I couldn’t stop myself shouting and swearing back everything each one of them said to me. Not only did that make me feel better, but finally people started respecting me. Cause the bully I took on had many fights but nobody had ever hit him before me. Nobody picked on me anymore till the end of my days and half of the soldiers even started loving me cause I had fought with the guy who was bullying them around all the time.

And the moral of this story is, violence is the answer. Quite often. I’m sorry but I’m not going to lie to people saying “oh you can solve anything with kindness and talking and right communication skills and blablabla”. You know why? Because I’m living in the utopic place called the real world. And in the real world, doesn’t matter if you’re a professor or an engineer or a grandmaster chess player, if the other guy has the potential of physically hurting you, then he will get that parking spot, and that seat, and that lady. What are you gonna do sue him over a parking spot? Sue him because he used harsh words on you? Yeah of course, you don’t mind whatever they’re saying because “the shoutings and cursings only shows the weakness of the curser”. You know very well that this is complete BULLSHIT. You know very well that you want to beat the shit out of that big motherfucker for swearing at you in front of everyone and crack open his skull leaking his brains out. But you won’t because you can’t. And he’s gonna go to his liquor store telling how he told that pussy professor off, which will piss you even more to think about it. And what if he gets extreme and assaults you? You’re gonna call the police right? And how is the police gonna take him to the department? He’ll show his big gun and probably kick him in the nuts if he’s black. See? The problem is solved again with violence.

How did the terrorists in Turkey manage to get into the parliament? By threatening to kill the villagers who won’t vote for them, by killing Turkish soldiers and earning money and fame with it. And how does the government stops the terrorists, with more violence of course.

What did the “Americans” do when they “discovered” the new land? They slaughtered Indians, and owned the whole continent. And they still own the continent. On the other hand, Turks are considered vicious genociders because they killed Armenian terrorist gangs in the east of Turkey and Armenia is the tool country of France and Turkey has no self-respect or international reputation. Are you completely sure that Hitler was the most vicious leader or Nazi Germany did the most damage to humanity? Hitler has the most evil leader label because of the “type” of people he slaughtered, not the number. Jews are among the richest and most powerful people in the world. Do you think anyone is gonna make movies about the evil Bush and the civilians he “collaterally” murders everyday? Hell no! Because come on, he’s not killing people, he’s just killing a few “damn Muslims”. I can’t understand why people are still asking “OK Hitler was a maniac but how did he find so many supporters and became so powerful? Was the German nation completely insane?” The answer is in front of you, look at the interviews made in the USA, look at the comments being written on Youtube by some Americans about Iraq war:

“We can nuke the shit out of them damn Arabs for all I care.” or “Islam is the evil of the world, it should be wiped out”. And HELL NO this isn’t just the opinions of a few ignorant commoners. You must have heard the secret tape of a Republican politician where she says “being gay is a threat even bigger than Islam”. Anyway I’ll try to find the tape from Youtube and also the interview video and put it on this page.

And think about every evil person and organization who decide to go discreetly. The only reason they do it is because they don’t have enough brute power. Do you think Bush would go with “God wanted me to do this, God wanted me to be president, I talked to Jesus yesterday he said we should invade Iraq” crap, or even enter the elections in the first place, if he could fly around and dodge bullets and shoot laser beam out of his asscrack?

PKK decides to go to the parliament because it realised it can’t beat the Turkish army like they were advised to. And AKP government is using its dogs in the media to weaken the army and rationalize its arrests of the generals who once fought against PKK. You already know that the government invented an imaginary terrorist organization called “Ergenekon” so that they could arrest anyone without giving any excuses and simply labeling them “a member of Ergenekon”. Yesterday I watched the news on one of the most loyal conservative channels of the government, “Samanyolu TV”. And what I saw made my stomach turn upside down with disgust, despise and anger. There was a bomb explosion on a road in the east of Turkey, and some of our soldiers have died. And the bastard channel gave this news as “Ergenekon’s sidekick organization PKK kills our soldiers”. OK I get it, you’re trying to frame the seculars, the Kemalists, the nationalists, but this news isn’t even about Ergenekon. What do you do when you get death news? Dance around the studio cheering: “Hurray more soldiers died, we have another chance to have a go at the Kemalists”? How low can you go you sick disgusting sons of bitches?

In the present world and in history, violence always won. No one ever defended their country or their lives by talking or empathy or understanding. And powerful armies invaded and conquered and killed and rationalized their murders. So it’s about time you humans embrace what you are; vicious, ambitious, primitive animals. And the only difference between “Cro Magnon” and “Homo Metropolitus” is one carrying a club the other one a machine gun. Evolution? What are you, Alice in fucking Wonderland?

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