Tuesday, August 12, 2008

We May Have the Quantity But Americans Definitely Have the Quality

I always used to complain that Turkey has really good quality people in almost every branch, many sports branches, many science branches, many art branches, but the problem being that they are always few in number and nobody supports them so they can’t recruit anyone and they either fade out or move to other countries.

But for one thing, it’s the other way around. We may have many of them, but America DOMINATES the planet when it comes to it; STUPIDITY. Seriously Americans, what do you feed your stupids with? It’s like the Blue Supergiant Star which collapses almost infinitely on itself to make a black hole of stupidity. Why did it come to my mind while there is a ton of more important stuff to write about? It’s the movie called “Disaster Movie”. If you don’t know it here’s the trailer:

Disaster Movie in HD

You know why this movie is important among all the other crap movies? Because it shows the stupidity quantity and quality of USA. Because in no other country of the world would you see millions spent to make complete utter crap and call it a movie. What? Are you expecting me to “respect” people’s tastes? Sorry, but I’m not going to. The makers of this movie probably get together every time they make a “movie” movie and say “Hey what should we make for our idiot audience so that we’ll scam more of their money? They’re so stupid they don’t deserve to own money anyway!” Before this, I watched “Scary Movie” 1 and 2 and was getting angry at how people make so stupid movies (which I admit weren’t THAT bad). Then I saw the trailers of scary movie 3, 4, Teen movie, Epic Movie, and now "Disaster Movie". Did u realize that with every new movie the budget is getting higher (meaning people DO watch this stuff) and the movies are getting stupider? When I finally watched the trailer of "Disaster Movie" I actually laughed. I really did. I laughed at the miserable lives and the simple brains of people who are going to watch and enjoy this movie. Who are going to laugh like braying donkeys when a cow falls on Iron Man, when a girl says “this place is great” and right after that gets hit by a car (how many times did that happen), when Hulk loses his pants, when a million other people trips, falls, hits their head. I’m sorry guys, no, I have no respect for stupid people. Because they are the same idiots who laugh at you because you’re wearing aikido clothes, or because you’re practicing bokken, or because you have long hair, or because you're observing the stars, or because you’re simply different in any manner. They are the same idiots who vote for the worst motherfuckers possible because they are so stupid they will love the best liar. They are the biggest reasons conservative party leaders all around the world are fucking the planet. Seriously, what the FUCK is being conservative? How can someone be proud of “not accepting anything his limited brain capacity can’t understand”? And how can they use the word “secular” as a curse word? FUCKING IDIOTS! Seriously, aren’t the conservatives, (a.k.a Muslim haters, a.k.a Gay opposers) the descendants of the KKK? Can you deny that the only reason they’re not speaking against blacks now is that black people have tremendous manpower and vote power? And how did I even come to talking about conservatives from Disaster Movie?

Yeah, OK do I have to say that of course I don’t mean all the Americans. And the Americans who read this are probably going to agree with me about the stupids. Yes we have our own infinitely stupid people in Turkey, and our own movie branch which serves the stupid people. But seriously, “Disaster Movie”? You gotta admit nothing can top that except for another American movie.

Have a nice day...

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