Saturday, November 08, 2008

Alien Vs. Predator

It’s the first time I’m making a poster instead of stealing one from the net to use on my blog. I’m talking about the AVP poster you see on the right. Well, I HAD to make this, cause it’s exactly what’s happening in Turkey right now. The leader of the political branch of PKK (called DTP), Ahmet Türk, used to talk about peace and brotherhood of races, and most of the time was accused by his fellows to be “too mild”. Now all of a sudden before the mayor elections, he completely changed his course and started talking like the leader of PKK. He’s saying the same bullshit that Kurds are so badly treated its their democratic right to terrorize the streets. And tens of groups with hundreds of PKK supporting Kurds started rallying in the streets of eastern cities and İstanbul, the DTP mayors in the east ordering to shut the stores for protest by threatening to hurt anyone who doesn’t. And after the rallies, Ahmet Türk going on air and supporting the actions of protesters throwing rocks at the police, burning cars, using children, yelling for PKK, giving up collecting the garbage, saying it’s their “democratic right”. Of course the reason for all this is the fact that on the last election AKP fucked DTP on the Kurd populated eastern cities which were DTP’s only hope, and if this keeps going, eastern Kurds won’t elect any DTP mayors next election. It was wise of AKP to give up educated cities like İzmir, and move their focus on some more stupid ignorant people, cause that’s the only crowd they can manipulate. The AKP supporters who read this can say I’m calling them stupid, but it doesn’t matter what I call you, AKP itself is building its whole campaign on the fact that most people are simply stupid. So it’s not ME who’s calling you that.

Just like a wounded dog, DTP makes a final attempt to mobilize the PKK terrorists in the streets of east to work on racism once again to get back to life. Especially Ahmet Türk is trying so desperately to create conflict between Turks and Kurds so that he’d be called “The leader of Kurds”, but it simply doesn’t work because AKP and Tayyip Erdoğan is doing the same thing, keep touring in the eastern cities with the full protection of government and the army, and giving speeches in the east, while Ahmet Türk is threatening him not to come to east or “he can’t stop the consequences”. Talking about democracy. Only DTP and AKP can enter eastern cities to give meetings. The other parties are just not protected enough from the people to go to east. They’d probably be assassinated if they tried. This is why only AKP and DTP wins in the east. Think about a region in your county. Let’s say in USA, where politicians can’t enter cause a portion of the residents are Al Qaida supporters and they’re using children to throw rocks at the politicians, throw petrol bombs to the police, yelling for Al Qaida. What would happen there? Would US government and army hesitate to “enter” those cities? I gave USA as an example because that’s the country where Turkish AKP government looks up to and idolizes, along with EU countries of course. Actually I don’t even have to ask what would happen cause there would never be such an issue in the US. So for the TR government who looks up to USA, let me point a slight difference between USA and Turkey. In the USA people can be arrested for having phone calls with Al Qaida members, or having met Al Qaida members, or mentioning Al Qaida in a fashion which might point that he has some connection with the organization. In Turkey, wives and brothers and sons of active PKK members can be elected as deputes even as their relatives are on the mountain shooting bullets as they speak in the parliament. They can go on air and try to rationalize the deeds of a terrorist organization. And people can walk in the street yelling that they are loyal supporters of a terrorist organization and still nothing happens. And people from USA and EU come and say there’s no freedom and democracy in Turkey. You know what? FUCK YOU! Yes there’s no freedom and democracy in Turkey but still FUCK YOU! Because the people you want to have freedom, the terrorists, murderers, assassins, they are all walking in the fucking streets throwing fucking rocks at the police, the reporters, the houses with Turkish flags, burning cars with Turkish flags, and they are the only free ones, while the Turkish nationalists, Kemalist Thinking Organizations, retired generals who fought against the PKK are in jail because of an imaginary organization created by a mentally deranged delusional ex radical Islamist new rabbi from outside Turkey. Yes there’s no freedom and democracy in Turkey, and yes FUCK YOU!

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Awww Efe, I love it when you get nice and worked up!


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