Monday, December 08, 2008

Make Your Donations to "Scam Incorporated"

Actually there was a whole bunch of stuff I wanted to write here. But it would just bore you because it’s the same things never changing, scammers getting stronger everyday with the existence of stupid people, rapists, terrorists not getting the punishment they deserve, etc. (Oh yeah, if you’re living in Turkey, you can very easily start putting “etc” after “terrorists, rapists”). I just wanted to share a latest event which I saw on TV. Apparently the scam/charity organization called “Deniz Feneri” which was found guilty for scamming millions of dollars from religious people & making them think they’re donating money to poor people is still active (note that I didn’t put an exclamation mark). I really don’t know what else to say about this. I’m sure even you people are bored to read the same shit. Think about me, I’m LIVING in this. I’m being ruled by the votes these people give. I’m living in the same country with people who say “I don’t care too much if the charity turned out to be a scam. I care about the merit I receive from God by making the donation.” Wow man, come to think of it, these people DO deserve to be scammed and treated like shit. But seriously? A charity like this still being active and asking for donations for the Muslim Sacrifice Holiday on its TV channel? You know what...? You know what...? Ah forget about it.

Have a nice day...

P.S: And anyone who’s reading my blogs, watching my videos, reading my stories with the only purpose of trying to “criticize” me, humiliate me, and rationalize for being a good for nothing loser (because you know, Efe is making so many stuff and he sucks, so I’m right about not trying to be a creative person), get out of your FUH-KING room, go to your FUH-KING bathroom, look at the FUH-KING mirror and criticize why the man in the mirror has no real friends. Your sorry asses are the later to the last resorts I’d go to ask for advice. You don’t like my shit? Read someone else, watch someone else. If you’ll keep pissing me off and watching my shit at the same time, then you’re just sick. Get some criticizing from a psychiatrist you fucking losers. I don’t give a flying fuck for your hater excuses “OK this thing you made sucks but the other thing you made was good, see I’m giving credit for your good work” You know what, gather ALL your credits and shove them up your fat asses, that would definitely “motivate” me to be a better artist.

Have a nice day (that’s more like it)...

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