Friday, December 02, 2011

People Who Don't Like the Prime Minister Are "FAGGOTS"

OK you probably saw this title and thought "Efe is swearing again as he always does, but isn't it too shallow even for his standards". Indeed it is. And remembering I'm against the government and the prime minister, I would probably go to court and be sentenced if I said something like "People who DO like the prime minister are faggots".

BUT, justice isn't the same for everyone. It's pretty much the same as everywhere else I guess; everybody is equal, but some are more equal. You probably already know that I had hard time with court because I was accused of insulting someone which I actually didn't. I'm hoping to be found innocent for my "crime", but who knows, this is Turkey, and it's an atheist against a hodja.

Anyways, despite the fact that you keep seeing on foreign news that "Turkey is such a free country. everyone has the right to have free speech, free thoughts" and shit like that. But what I live everyday is, rich and powerful people suing the shit out of people who talk against them for "insult", even what they say is completely true and there is no swear or actual insult in the speech. And if you're a journalist, if you are a strong opposer against the government, strong enough to make a threat, you turn out to be a secret terrorist. You get thrown to jail WITHOUT RUNNING A TRIAL. Did you know that? I bet you didn't. Here's how it works, military officers, journalists, opposing party members, and pretty much any kind of people who are strong opposers against the government (investigating their stuff and things like that), you get thrown to jail because you turn out to be a member of an imaginary terrorist organisation who are trying to overthrow the government. This terrorist organisation is apparently so stupid because they are actively opposing the government while trying to secretly overthrow it. And it is the only terrorist organisation in the world who has the title "terrorist organisation" in its name. Apparently they call themselves "Ergenekon Terrorist Organisaton" Isn't it really honest? The only terrorist organiston who call themselves terrorist. And of course this terrorist organisation should have commited some crimes, or else why would it be called a terrorist organisation right? Apparently, they commited every murder which was unsolved, according to tens of newspapers which are controlled by the government. Also, many terrorist attacks which was done by the terrorist organisation called PKK, was actually Ergenekon, who was imitating PKK. Anyways, you get thrown to jail, you can't go to court because they keep saying there is more evidence coming and it's just taking so much time to get the evidence together. People just recently started going to trials, and it's recently became 1000 days of being in prison with terrible conditions with still no result. The conditions are so terrible that 2-3 people actually DIED inside because of illness. Considering the fact that the leader of the ACTUAL terrorist organisation PKK is living in a 5 star hotel room like prison (they actually spent millions of dollars making a prison just for him) this just sucks. Of course AKP ministers can say nobody goes to jail by being a reporter. Because they mysteriously turn out to be terrorists and go to jail for being a terrorist.

So who's the guy who calls people like us "faggots"? He's a news reporter in a newspaper controlled by the government. And why he calls us that, is that TIME magazine made a poll asking "should the prime minister be elected as the man of the year?". And right now 60 percent is saying "No". Why AKP gets so much votes in the elections, but can't beat the opposers in a poll, is, this is not a joke it's what I actually think it is, because the rest of AKP's voters don't know how to use the internet. Not an insult, I just think this is how it is. So the guy says, that since it's the prime minister of Turkey, every Turk should vote for him. And people who vote "No" are "traitors" and "faggots". Well he's just a newspaper writer and it should be easy to sue him right? I'm not sure. I'm not sure if anyone will bother to sue, or if they will win. I don't know if it's considered as free speech in your country. But like if someone would say to him "you're the faggot", the journalist could sue and probably win. From my experiences, I can say whoever can afford a lawyer is always right.

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